Top Four Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

Learning-Vocab-Mastery of a language such as English is undoubtedly an arduous task but if chosen deliberately then it becomes manageable to learn and improve on the language. The biggest challenge while practicing the language is memorizing the new words and therefore, we are here to help you! Here are the top 4 tips that can make your learning easier and interesting.

Read-to-succeed1. Read, read and read

The mantra is the more you read, the more you learn! So, reading is an inseparable part of your learning process. Whether you are reading a book or the articles online it gives you an exposure to a rich and wide vocabulary. When you read, you not just chant the words but you get a meaningful context to understand. What you are reading is not really important until you are reading it for a purpose to learn new words. You can refer to any novel, magazine, blog or even a comic when it is about reading to learn new words.

2.Context-Understanding Understanding the context

Once you have added some new words to your memory the next step is to know their usage correctly; because learning is important but the purpose of learning will be achieved only when you will understand to use these words in a sentence. With understanding the context we learn to comprehend that whether it is slang or a formal language. By looking at the sentence you might not understand the word but after understanding the context of the whole sentence, you will get to know the meaning of the sentence.

Voice-Recording3. Recording your voice

Recording your voice is an easy way to judge how much you have improved and learned. By speaking out the words loud and hearing your own voice helps you to find out your flaws and errors while reading the sentence. You can record your voice through your camera or phone and hear out your words to improve.

4. FlashcardsUsing Flashcards

Using Flashcards is one of the most traditional and convenient ways to learn vocabulary. You can create and put it in places where you can see them regularly. By doing so, you will be able to recall and practice remembering their meaning.

Try these easy tips and get ready to improve your vocabulary on GRE. Good Luck!



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