Top 5 Ways To Prepare for TOEFL

There are many methods to go about your TOEFL preparation and this often confuses students who are looking for the simplest, most effective tips. So here are the Top 5 ways to prepare for TOEFL that will apply until the day of your exam:

Understand the Format

This is priority one in your TOEFL preparation. The CTS recently updated the official TOEFL format so make sure you follow the one that applies to you (Is your test before/after August 1, 2019?)

Internalize the section patterns, the duration of each section, and the maximum number of questions in every section. Internalize the break time too. On the day of your TOEFL test, there should be no surprises.

Get a Good Guide

There are many ways to do this because a good guide is anything that will lead you through your TOEFL preparation. It can be:

• Official TOEFL guides / CTS’s TOEFL preparation materials
• Certified teachers
• Experienced test-takers
• Overseas education experts

Focus on the good study material that syncs with the format and only follow reliable sources of information as you prepare for TOEFL.

Practice Tests

Taking TOEFL practice tests as if it were the real test day is one of the best ways to prepare for TOEFT (iBT). Taking sample tests greatly improve the way you answer questions and prepare you the fastest for the exam.

It helps to have ideal study surroundings like a study room, the guest bedroom where you can simulate the environment of being in the hall. Your practice tests are to be taken seriously so the more disciplined you are, the better your scores get.

Power of Observation

The reason for TOEFL’s popularity is that it is one of the best English language tests that gauge a student’s skill for real-world situations. This includes testing for both your academic conversations and non-technical interactions.

A good part of your TOEFL preparation must be to observe the English of fluent speakers. This you can achieve through:

• Hearing speeches
• Watching TED talks
• Attending gatherings
• Participating in workshops
• Downloading Audiobooks

Surrounding yourself with speakers is an effective way to internalize the language. Just be careful that you don’t eavesdrop too evidently!

Use TV to help your English skills. Check out documentaries and BTS footage of popular films to see how professionals interact in serious situations.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that this isn’t entertainment; its observation.

Speak English!

When students think about how to prepare for TOEFL (iBT), they often forget that it’s not all about the writing section. If you have internalized the format, you’ll know that the test records you speaking English.

So go out there, and interact! Have private conversations with your friends, ask for directions, imitate Hollywood dialogues and order your food in English.

Here’s a pro tip: If you already have good speaking skills, try switching between active and passive voices when you talk. It’s a lot tougher than it sounds!

Bonus FAQ: “How to prepare for TOEFL in 10 days?”

If you are thinking about doing it within 10 days, then you should first be done memorizing the format. Next, make sure you’ve gone through enough material on each section so you aren’t flustered when taking the practice tests. Speak English at every chance you get without hogging the conversation and never stop observing how fluent speakers interact. Between your heavy practice sessions and cramming knowledge, don’t forget to enjoy the language. It would truly help the way you approach your test.


Sometimes, the simplest, most effective method of learning something is to live it. These 5 ways to prepare for TOEFL are not only designed to help you the exam but also to help you start living the language. Because if you do indeed score well, then you will likely be going to a university of your choice, using English every day! So go out there, and start living the language.

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