Tejas shares how he got admitted at California State University, Northridge

Computer engineering is a significant branch as it is a crucial component in every top-tier company. Tejas, who get enrolled in the computer engineering program, revealed how Manya-The Princeton Review helped direct him a path to the California State University, Northridge.

What’s your background, and why did you enrol in the computer engineering course?

I am Tejas, an undergraduate in Electronics and Communications from PESIT, South Campus. When I felt perplexed about my future career, I consulted Manya- The Princeton Review, where I was allotted with an hour-long seminar, which gave me a valuable career path. I was taught about the computer engineering program offered in the halls of California State University, Northridge.

My enrolment to ACS (counselling services) helped me choose the best university among other top-tiers as per my profile. In brief, my journey to this reputed university was started with Manya’s trainers and will end once I will get a job at the most-remarkable company in the US or another country.

Tell us about your experience took at ACS – Manya?

Mitra ma’am and Ranjitha ma’am were like angels in my path at Manya. Mitra ma’am guided me like my advisor through emails or over the phone while Ranjitha ma’am prepared me for the interview.  It was an unforgettable experience.

Why do you recommend Manya-The Princeton Review services to juniors?

It is the best path to follow and the veteran trainers at Manya-The Princeton Review will help you pursue your dreams. They treat their clients as their family members. Thus, it should be only one choice for all expecting a worthwhile career for them.

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