How do you like to study? It’s time to study your way!

How do you prefer studying for GMAT?

Whether you prefer studying with a tab or you are comfortable preparing with a book in your hand, whatever is your style of learning, you are free to choose your own way.  The GMAT Official Guide 2019 series is available in print and online both. From the makers of GMAT, it is the only set of guides that consider retired questions from the GMAT exam along with newly released questions making it count more than 1500 in total.

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Let’s take a look on New Features: 2020

  • Question index – Target your subject areas and test the difficulty level of your practice questions. You can personalize your experience by identifying specific question for your study area. If you are preparing geometry, you can categorize every practice question involving triangle.
  • Expanded sentence correction chapter – According to the GMAT exam instructors, this section will have a huge impact on how you are preparing to answer the questions asked on the sentence correction section.

These new features can help you strengthen your skills and increase your confidence on test day.

You can choose: Print or eBook

The GMAT Official Guide series is available as an E-book and in print; you can choose whatever suits you. If you choose E-book you will be able to:

  • Study anywhere and on any device, whichever suits you.
  • Will be able to search topics using the easy-to-use search features.
  • Will be able to resize the text
  • With the help of text-to-speech tool will be able to read aloud

However, if you opt for the printed edition, you can take maintain your own notes and can use highlighter, sticky notes, or can also write directly on pages. Now, it’s up to you! So choose wisely.

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Access to GMAT Official Guide Online

You will also get exclusive access to the GMATOfficial Guide online question bank with your printed or E-book versions.  With the help of this online question bank you will be able to:

  • Filter questions by question type.
  • Build your own practice tests, based on the question type, difficulty, and more.
  • Review and retake your practice sets to improve your performance.

So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing today to achieve your dream score. Good Luck!

If this article has helped you chose your own way of GMAT preparation then schedule your GMAT exam and figure out the GMAT test dates at your local test centres, please share it and help others register for the GMAT.



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  1. I am currently working in a firm and was wondering which version of the GMAT Official Guide series would be better for me as a working professional: e-book or the printed version? I prefer printed more but the e-book has more accessibility as in, I can read it even at the office. Kindly advise as I am serious about giving the GMAT exam.

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