How to send TOEFL scores to universities abroad


The TOEFL, abbreviated as Test of English as a Foreign Language, is one of the toughest exams that students are expected to sit for. Pupils who wish to study abroad have to necessarily appear for the test as it tests their English language skills. Students who have been academically sound throughout their careers find it easier to crack other entrance exams.

However, with TOEFL, things are a tad different. All universities throughout the world, especially where English is the first language of instruction, place a difficult cut off on TOEFL scores. This makes it tougher for those who do not have a superior hold on the subject. Those who can crack TOEFL with ease, come across a different kind of problem. Filling in applications can be cumbersome. It is an elaborate process that must be taken care of with accuracy. Many students, in spite of having good TOEFL scores, do not make it to their dream university due to the lack of information and knowledge regarding the application procedures.

How to send TOEFL scores to universities?

Sending TOEFL scores to universities can be a rough road. Students often mess it up simply because of the complexity involved with the application procedure. Another problem arises with the TOEFL scores validity. Like all good things, your TOEFL scores come with an expiry date. They are valid only for two years. For example, if you took the test on the 1st of November in 2018, then your score will remain valid till the 1st of November in 2020. Within this time, students must ensure that they apply to all their target universities. The scores will not be taken into account once the two years timeline has crossed.

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Coming back to the procedure of sending in applications to your desired universities: there is a fixed method which you must follow to do this correctly. The basic steps of the same are given below.

Log into your TOEFL account

To take the test, you have to create an account on the TOEFL website. This account is important as all processes will be initiated from here. Hence, you must never forget the credentials of your TOEFL account, lest you lose your score. When you want to apply to universities abroad, you will have to log into your account to start the process. Although logging into your account is the first step of the process, it does not automatically initiate any applications. You have to manually apply to your desired universities.

Get to your scores

After you have logged into your TOEFL account, you will come across your scores there. It is possible that you have taken the TOEFL more than once. In that case, your account will show all the scores, provided they are still valid. If one or more of your scores have crossed the two-year mark, they will longer appear here. You will be able to see only your valid scores. Another important thing to note is, you can choose which TOEFL score you want to submit in case you have taken the test more than once. It is completely at your discretion and hence, you can submit your best score.

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Find your university

All universities around the world, that accept TOEFL scores, have a unique university identity number. This is the code that is used by the committee while sending them your TOEFL scores. This code is mentioned on the university website. You will first have to find what the unique ID for your desired university is. Once you have that, use the code on the TOEFL website to find your university. You can send the score to multiple universities, too. In that case, you will have to follow the same process for all the universities you want to apply to. Once you have selected your universities, your scores will be sent there automatically.

Proceed to make payment

This is the last step of the procedure. Once the university code has been selected, you will be prompted to make the payment. Upon the receipt of your payment, your scores will reach the selected university.

Hope this blog was helpful in explaining the process around sending TOEFL scores to universities. Best of luck with your application process!

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