What is a good TOEFL score?  


The TOEFL test is a highly acknowledged proficiency test belonging to the English language. It aims to facilitate millions of students to enroll at English-speaking institutes all across the world. This test is accepted worldwide. Over 10,000 universities and numerous institutions acknowledge TOEFL scores in more than 150 countries. It is considered one of the most preferred tests by universities in the U.S. and Canada. Undoubtedly, studying abroad at any English-speaking institution is a remarkable way to gain an edge in the job market. Out of many ways to gain access to a foreign university or educational institute, one is attempting a TOEFL test. Now comes a million-dollar question: ‘What is a good TOEFL score?’

As per the new amendments implemented from August 1, 2019, regarding TOEFL, the Reading section, the Listening section, and the Speaking section will be abridged. Even the scoring system and prep materials are going to witness a few changes. The majority of the students who intend to appear for the TOEFL exam tend to reel under the anxiety and stress. Their major concern seems to revolve around the following questions:

  • How long is the TOEFL score valid?
  • What is the TOEFL maximum score?
  • What is the TOEFL minimum score?

The four sections of TOEFL include Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The aggregate of all the four sections leads to the final TOEFL score. Scoring above 90 is considered to be a great score. As far as the question ‘What is a Good TOEFL Score?’ is concerned, any score above 80 is considered as a good TOEFL score. Any score that fails to cross 70 is considered to be a poor score. The score range is from 0 to 120. Hence, the minimum you can score is zero, while the maximum you can score is 120 points.

What Score Qualifies To Fit Into The Category of a ‘Good TOEFL Score’?

The sole best definition related to a good TOEFL score is the score that enables one to gain access to a desired educational institution. A majority of the educational institutions follow the standard cut-off process regarding TOEFL scores to shortlist candidates that are eligible for admission. Therefore, for any TOEFL aspirants, it is crucial to perceive the bigger picture regarding the aftermath of the TOEFL Score. In simple words, the definition of a good TOEFL score is directly related to the educational institute with which one intends to secure an admission. For instance, at some institutions, the minimum criteria may account for 70 points. On the contrary, in the case of many others, the minimum cut-off may touch a score point as high as 110. However, one also needs to keep in mind other aspects that facilitate one in gaining a competitive edge. These aspects include extracurriculars and grades. So, it may be possible that in the absence of decent grades and any significant achievement in the field of extracurriculars, a candidate may fail to secure admission with the desired educational entity despite securing a good TOEFL score.

How to identify a good TOEFL score for you?

After grasping the crucial details revolving around the most vital question i.e., “What is a Good TOEFL Score?”, you must have comprehended that it is more significant to pursue this question in a personalized manner rather than in a generalized way. The best strategy to decode the answer is gathering information related to the TOEFL cut-off and other relevant terms and conditions. These days, owing to the internet, gathering information on all the preferred educational institutions has become quite uncomplicated. Once you have all the data, you will automatically end up acquiring the much-desired insight about a good TOEFL score.

For how long is the TOEFL score valid?

This is an equally important question for a TOEFL aspirant. TOEFL scores come with an expiry date. A TOEFL score remains valid until two years from the test date. For instance, if you took the test on May 1, 2020, the TOEFL score will remain valid until May 1, 2022. The expired scores automatically disappear from the TOEFL website. Therefore, viewing expired scores or forwarding them is not an option.


Finally, with all the vital information related to the crucial aspects of TOEFL including a good TOEFL score criteria, TOEFL score validity criteria, the TOEFL minimum score, and the TOEFL maximum score, one may confidently appear for a TOEFL exam. Moreover, one may now effortlessly conduct relevant research about the recommendations and requirements of the educational entities that one is interested in. Strive to practice as much as you can to gain an idea about the probable score that you will secure. Lastly, do not adopt a laid back attitude regarding attempting practice exams. Your performance in practice exams will educate you about the areas that need more attention.

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