How important is to buy the most recent GMAT books?


The education scenario is changing every day with students scampering towards more and more degrees. As the competition increases, the number of seats in esteemed institutions decreases. This leaves the average, mediocre students unemployed and miserable. This is where the GMAT score comes in. The MBA degree is globally one of the most coveted degrees. Proper preparation is the key to success in GMAT. The most helpful editions are the latest ones of GMAT books as they convey even the smallest change in the patterns and questions of the examination.


What is the GMAT Examination and What are the Roles of Recent Books in it?

The GMAT format was made to test some key skills that candidates must have. This examination enables students to apply for a management course. Obtaining a very high score on GMAT can easily land them in reputed business schools.

Before an exam like this, they must not underestimate the importance of study materials. When we talk about study materials, we first think of books. Books are undoubtedly the most important aspect of the examination. Hence, the best ones must be chosen to prepare for the test.

Books published recently are the best options. They provide candidates with advantages such as an updated syllabus and the latest changes in question patterns.

The GMAT test is designed to understand a student’s analytical and thinking skills. It also judges his or her command over the English language, which is largely used to communicate with clients, especially international ones.

Mathematics is another important part of the syllabus of GMAT. The problems are critical but not tough. They are thus good judges of a candidate’s presence of mind and thinking abilities. These are upheld in proper proportions in the newer editions of the books and other study materials as the requirements keep changing subtly through the years.

The syllabus and marking scheme of the GMAT examination and how the use of the latest study materials enhance preparation

The GMAT exam is important for candidates aspiring to enter the best business schools in the world. The GMAT syllabus is, however, not as tricky as one would expect. In fact, it is fairly simple if worked on it with passion and diligence. Following the latest books and study materials give the students enough advantage to ace the examination. They also contain the smallest of changes that the patterns of question undergo every year. The GMAT score depends on the following segments:

● Analytical Writing
● Logical Reasoning
● Quantitative
● Verbal Reasoning

The following table provides comprehensive information about the different sections of the examination.

Sl. No Number of questions Maximum marks About the section Time duration
1. 1 6 This is the section where the candidate is expected to write an essay for evaluation. The student is provided an argument and is asked to judge the author’s opinion about the same. The points scored in this section is not a part of the main score. Instead, it is used by the B-schools to analyze your writing and thinking abilities. The final score is obtained by getting an average of the scores given by a human and a computer. Books of the newest editions include extra questions of increasing difficulty as the standard of these questions increases with every passing year.


30 minutes
2. 12 8 This is the part where students are expected to answer questions logically. The questions revolve around graphs and analytical problems. Although logic remains conceptually similar, the patterns of questions change every few years. The latest editions of a publication highlight these changes, thus enabling the candidate to perform better. 30 minutes
3. 31 60 This is the quantitative section that allows the colleges to evaluate the candidate based on his or her problem-solving capabilities. These questions are from some basic chapter of Mathematics. The subject being critical, the problems are given much weightage. However, the types of sums that a candidate can expect are predicted in recent books. Being written by stalwarts in the field, they help a student identify the trends in the question patterns. 62 minutes
4. 36 60 Verbal reasoning involves comprehensive questions, besides analytical ones. The recent books update these questions, providing careful insight into newer ways of solving these. 65 minutes

How to Prepare for the GMAT Examination?

There are a number of ways to prepare for the GMAT examinations. There are GMAT mock tests that students can take as a way of practice. They circle around the latest trends in the GMAT question papers. GMAT preparation, however, includes a few more tricks. Students are expected to dedicate at least two hours every day to this preparation. The books followed must be of the latest publication. There are a few reasons behind this, too. The following points should clarify those.

1. Using books of the latest edition gives the student an idea about the most recent question patterns of the examination.

2. The latest books contain the latest information. It so happens sometimes that a new piece of information comes into circulation. The latest books will contain these, as opposed to the older editions.

3. Authors and publishers often add extra questions and portions in the latest edition. These can prove to be very helpful to the students.

4. The most recent books contain information based on the latest syllabus. Even the slightest change in the syllabus is reflected in them.



With the strategies that a student is expected to follow, going for mock tests and recent books for preparation purposes is the best option. The books help the students gauge the weight that each question contains. Needless to say, this is an advantage that no one in preparation should miss out on.

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