ETS Increases GRE Financial Aid for Qualifying Test Takers

The GRE is one of the rare exams taken by students from across the globe and is quite widely recognized by graduate schools in their admission procedures. According to the GRE Worldwide Test Takers Report, released by ETS, about 541,740 students gave the exam in 2018 and the figures are snowballing year after year. The GRE test scores make up a category for the selection in admissions to several graduate-school programs and business programs or beneficiaries of graduate fellowships. This shores up the exam’s significance.

A recent buzz for all those priming for the coveted GRE exam is around the corner. Earlier, ETS, the authority that conducts the GRE exam, used to provide a Fee Reduction Voucher to the test takers who qualified for it. However, the news is that in order to supplement the given financial assistance, ETS will provide those students with free GRE test preparation materials as well. Read on to know the A to Z of this new program embarked on by the ETS.

The Policy That ‘Was’

For individuals who represented the requirement for financial aid for the GRE exam, ETS gave out a GRE Fee Reduction Voucher. The same could be used on a single GRE General Test and/or GRE Subject Test. The voucher waived off half the regular test fee required and left the beneficiary to pay only half of the amount.

A New Addition to The Current Policy

The latest change introduced by ETS for the GRE test takers is that all individuals receiving the GRE General Test Fee Reduction voucher will also receive FREE access to the GRE test preparation materials worth $100. These GRE preparation materials include –

● POWERPREP PLUS Online Practice Test 1 (worth $40)
● POWERPREP PLUS Online Practice Test 2 (worth $40)
● ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice (worth $20)

This new rule is applicable from the 1st of July, 2019, and is expected to provide an even playing ground to all the individuals who are preparing for the GRE test.

Who’s Entitled and Who’s Not?

According to the ETS, there are four conditions that make you eligible for receiving the benefits of the GRE Fee Reduction Vouchers –

● You are able to demonstrate that you require financial assistance in order to take the exam
● You are unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation
● You belong to the national programs that work with under-represented groups
● You’re one of the first-generation college students

What encompasses the Free GRE Preparation Material?

To weed out any financial barrier that may arise either in enrolling for the GRE test or in preparing for it, ETS is giving out GRE materials worth $100 to those test-takers who qualify for the aid. Here’s all that you must be aware of about the benefits you receive as a beneficiary of GRE’s Fee Reduction Program.

1. As a recipient of the aid— in addition to a voucher for the GRE General Test—the test-taker would also get free access to two POWERPREP PLUS Online practice tests and ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice. These GRE materials are worth $100

● About PowerPrep Plus and Scoreitnow

If you’re preparing for GRE, you may already be aware of ETS releasing official GRE practice materials that include mock tests, books, and other web-based services. PowerPrep Plus is one such GRE material that enables users to take a computer-delivered GRE General Test for practice. The test takers get their scores just moments after they submit the test along with a report that contains an analysis of their performance. The PowerPrep Plus has a worth of $80 online.

Wondering what is worth is the rest of $20? It’s ETS’s famous ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice helps you improve your preparation for the writing section of GRE exam. The test-takers can get scores and feedback on 8 different essays that they submit on this platform.

2. Under the new scheme, ETS has raised the total number of national programs that receive GRE Fee Reduction Vouchers to 10. It has done so by providing vouchers to the following three national programs for distribution to their students-

● Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT)
● Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
● Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP)

3. The third announcement is for students in Education USA Network, who are likely to be awarded full financial aid from U.S. colleges and universities. This is from ETS for the benefit of test-takers who belong to regions outside of the United States. It is giving out GRE Fee Reduction Vouchers to the Education USA Opportunity Funds Program. This change is going to come as a huge relief for all such students.

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