Choose Your SAT Test Dates: 2022


Introduction to SAT

The SAT is a standardized test that tests you on the basis of reading comprehension, clarity of expression and computational ability. SAT, the test is taken across the globe by thousands of students studying in high school planning study abroad. The SAT scores are used to compare applicants from nearly all universities in the United States.

The weightage of the SAT score and its influence on the admission decision depends on the university or college you are applying to. Usually, 1068 is the average SAT score, but what is the best score for you depends upon the university you are applying to. How competent you are depending on the college you are applying to, however, to stand out at the most selective schools, you need to have a 1500+ score.

How to Choose a Right Test Date

Choosing the right test date is critical, so choose wisely. You should always choose a date based on the admission cycle you’re about to apply for and after dedicated practice when you’re confident to take the test. The best way to improve your score is to enroll yourself in a prep course. Plan your study schedule and choose your SAT test date based on your schedule. Also, consider the university deadlines before choosing your test date.

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If you’re applying to the universities having a regular deadline by January, it is recommended to choose the October test date. Ensure you’ve time to take the test on the second attempt if something doesn’t go well in the first attempt.

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SAT Test Dates in India 2022

Test Dates Registration Deadline Deadline for Change
March 12, 2022 February 11, 2022 March 1, 2022
May 7, 2022 April 8, 2022 April 26, 2022
August 27, 2022 (Anticipated)
October 1, 2022 (Anticipated)
December 3, 2022 (Anticipated)

* Tentative dates, subject to vary.


Preparing well for the SAT can take you to your dream college and choosing your test date plays an important role. Manya – The Princeton Review believes in helping you to get into your dream university. Check out our SAT programs to help you prepare well for the SAT exam.

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Good luck!

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