How do I send my SAT scores to Colleges ?

Sending SAT scores to collegesThe next big thing after taking your SAT is sending your score report to colleges. It would not make sense if you have performed well, yet your hard work doesn’t get recognized. But is it as difficult as it sounds? Read further and you’ll realize that the answer to that question is, “No,

not really”.

Here is all about sending your SAT scores to colleges.

Score Reports

Free Score Report:

You can opt for four colleges to receive your score card, anytime between the time you register for the test and within 9 days from the test date. This is free of cost. The colleges will be notified that you have shown interest in joining them.

Score Report with the additional cost:

An additional fee of $12 per report (as in Sept. 2018) will be levied if you decide to send your scores to colleges, outside of the above four, or after the 9th day, unless you are allowed an SAT fee waiver.

Rush Reporting

You can also send your scores earlier than usual, within 2-4 business days, by opting Rush Reporting, at an additional cost of $31 + the fees for the score report. Sign in to your College Board account, click the ‘Send available scores’ button, Select the college and Select the ‘Rush reporting’ button on “review your order” screen.

Score Card

You will receive your SAT scores within 2 weeks to 6 weeks from the test date. If you have opted for SAT with Essay, it will take 2 extra days.
Once your scores are ready to be viewed online, an e-mail will be sent to you guiding you to your scorecard.

Delayed scores

These are the only possible reasons why your scores were not sent to you on the scheduled date:

  • You took a makeup test later than the actual test day.
  • Your answer sheet was received late or is missing information.
  • Your answer sheet information is inconsistent with your registration information.
  • An irregularity was reported at your test site.

Who else can see your scores?

  • Only you decide who can see your scores.
  • The colleges that you have selected as recipients of your scores, will receive your SAT scores within 10 days of online score release.
  • You can add/modify the recipients of your scores, upon paying an additional fee.

Multiple scores? Don’t have to send all of them.

  • If you’ve taken the SAT multiple times, for various reasons, and are ambiguous about which scores to be sent, then fret not. What you must know is that not all colleges demand to see all your scores.
  • You can use Score Choice™ to decide which scores you send to colleges. Make sure that you check college websites to understand their score policies.
  • If you don’t use Score Choice then College Board will send all your available score reports to the recipient colleges.
  • Many colleges also do “Superscoring” for the SAT which means they take your best score from each section in all the tests that you have taken and combine to get the best overall score. If your shortlisted college accepts Superscoring for the SAT, then you may have to send all your score reports.
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