How Accurate are Mock Tests for GRE?


As your GRE date is nearby, you must be engaged in preparing for the GRE. You must have had learned a plethora of new words by now, must have had read sufficient GRE books, and must have had practiced plenty of verbal questions. Do you now intend to test your GRE knowledge to get an inkling regarding your actual GRE score?

The entire debate related to the accuracy of the mock tests for GRE refuses to die down anytime sooner. Nevertheless, the fact that attempting GRE Mocks provide several benefits cannot be overruled out rightly. If you are wondering whether you should attempt mock tests or no, here learn a few most important benefit of the same:-

  • Mock tests help you to consolidate your learning
  • They enable you to grasp your speed related to building your stamina
  • The mock test enables you to master your time-management skills
  • Mock tests allow you to gain insight related to the weak areas of your preparation so that you may devise a strategy related to the preparation of GRE to turn them into your strengths

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If you intend to be the recipient of the multitude of benefits of attempting mock tests, you must attempt 6 to 8 mock tests before appearing for your GRE 2019 exam. The majority of the candidates appearing for GRE attempt mock tests believing that these tests will accurately predict their actual GRE score. Well, there are many benefits of predicting the GRE scores. If you have done wonderfully in a GRE test preparation aka mock test, it enables you to gain confidence. With confidence, comes focus and clarity regarding mind. However, if you believe that mock tests will be able to predict your score with 100% accuracy, you will be left disappointed. Mock tests can only foretell a range within which your score would lie. Majority of the times, it has been observed that the score of the GRE test lie in a range of +/-5 points to the GRE score that you are achieving in your mock test attempts. Therefore, if you intend to accurately predict your GRE score, you must select the mock tests carefully.


Variation In Mock Score

At times, it becomes difficult for candidates to accurately predict the GRE score as the score achieved in different GRE scores secured out of different mock tests tends to vary. This happens because of their varying difficulty in the context of levels.

For instance, Power Prep 2 full-length tests generally tend to match the kinds of questions that you will find on the GRE. Interestingly these mock tests are created by none and other than ETS itself that is the publisher of actual GRE.

Therefore, a lot also hinges on the selection of the websites that offer GRE mock tests. A few websites do feature less-real like questions that a candidate is expected to come across while attempting the actual GRE while a few websites manage to surpass the expectations by presenting more real-like questions.

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Average Out The Varied Mock Tests Score

If you are yet to grasp about a trick to accurately predict the mock score, you may try averaging out the scores of different mock tests. You will be surprised to find out that your actual GRE score is indeed very close to what you averaged out sometime back.


Advice Related To Accurately Predicting The Mock Test

If you truly intend to predict your mock test score as accurately as possible, you need to attempt full-length mocks that too in a proper manner. For the same, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:-

  • Do not pause in between while attempting the mock tests
  • Do not skip any section like the AWA
  • Do not deceive yourself during a mock by resorting to any unfair exam practices to secure the better score


Final Thoughts About How Accurate Are Mock Tests for GRE?

If you happen to secure less than 310 in around 6 to 8 mocks, chances are fewer that you will be able to secure 320+ score in a final GRE. Therefore, it is better to use mocks to do GRE preparation in a better manner instead of merely using it as a tool to predict your actual GRE score. In simple words, your main agenda behind dissecting the mock tests must be to gain insights related to your weak areas so that you can work upon your weak areas and eventually turn them into your strengths. Also, GRE test practice in the form of mock test serves diverse purposes to enable candidates to gain experience related to attempting the actual GRE test. The major purpose served by mock tests is reflecting the true progress of a candidate related to the GRE preparation.

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