How Accurate are Mock Tests for the GRE Exam?


The GRE (Graduate Records Examination) is a standardized test that is required for entrance to many graduate programmes. At many testing centers, this test is given as a computer-based examination. In some schools, this test is merely a requirement for admission, but in others, it is a critical deciding element.

Are GRE practice tests harder? You need to understand that the GRE is about more than simply your Quantitative and Verbal abilities. It also depends on how well you understand the test and its pattern.

The GRE preparation process is divided into two phases: understanding the question types and learning how to answer them, and knowing what tools you can use to deliver the exam.

As your GRE exam date is nearby, you must be engaged in preparing for the GRE. You must have learned a plethora of new words by now, must have read sufficient GRE books, and must have practiced plenty of verbal questions. Do you now intend to test your GRE knowledge to get a notion regarding your actual GRE score?

Are GRE practice tests accurate? The entire debate related to the accuracy of the mock tests for GRE refuses to die down anytime sooner. Nevertheless, the fact that attempting GRE Mocks provide several benefits cannot be overruled out rightly. If you are wondering whether you should attempt mock tests or no, here learn a few most important benefit of the same:-

  • Mock tests help you to consolidate your learning
  • They enable you to grasp your speed related to building your stamina
  • The mock test enables you to master your time-management skills
  • Mock tests allow you to gain insight related to the weak areas of your preparation so that you may devise a strategy related to the preparation of GRE to turn them into your strengths

How many mock tests before GRE? If you intend to be the recipient of the multitude of benefits of attempting mock tests, you must attempt 6 to 8 mock tests before appearing for your GRE 2024 exam. The majority of the candidates appearing for GRE attempt mock tests believing that these tests will accurately predict their actual GRE score.

Well, there are many benefits of predicting the GRE scores. If you have done wonderfully in a GRE test preparation aka mock test, it enables you to gain confidence.

However, if you believe that mock tests will be able to predict your score with 100% accuracy, you will be left disappointed. Mock tests can only foretell a range within which your score would lie.

The GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections have a score range of 130 to 170 with 1 point increments, while the GRE Analytical Writing Section has a score range of 0 to 6 with half-point increments that you are achieving in your mock test attempts. Therefore, if you intend to accurately predict your GRE score, you must select the mock tests carefully.


Why Should You Take an Online GRE Mock Test?

Are you preparing for the GRE? Studying more and practicing hard is not enough to help you achieve your target score. Taking a GRE Mock Tests before actually taking the GRE not only gives you an idea of an actual test but also helps you to have an understanding of what sort of questions you can expect to be on the test. When it comes to preparing for the GRE test there is a lot to take into consideration.

Taking a GRE practice test not only teaches you what to expect from the test in terms of form and content, but it also ends up being a huge time-saver on a test day. You’ll never have to read those instructions again. Given the time pressure you’ll face on the GRE, this is a big chunk of point-earning time you’ll redeem for free.

In GRE mock tests online, there are three independent timed sections: Verbal Reasoning consists of two sections of 18 and 23 -minute periods with 12 and 15 questions each. Then there’s Quantitative Reasoning, which is divided into two 21 and 26-minute sessions with 12 and 15 problems each. Finally, the GRE Analytical Writing Assessment Section, which consists of one 30-minute essays.

Prepare with the latest GRE mock tests, and keep in mind that the computer-delivered GRE® General Test takes roughly 1 hours and 58 minutes. With timed GRE mock tests online, you can properly monitor and manage your time in order to achieve excellent test scores. Even if they have prepared adequately, many test-takers feel tense and nervous when taking the exam. Taking additional GRE mock exams will help you gain confidence and prepare for the exam.


7 Benefits of Taking a GRE Mock Test Online

Here are some benefits of taking GRE mock tests online:


1. GRE Mock Test makes the GRE Preparation Perfect

It is a well-known fact that the more you practice something, the better you get at it. This is also true in this situation. If you study more and take more GRE mock tests, you will have no trouble taking your test on the last day of your exam. It will be just like any other day because you have made it a habit of taking GRE mock tests online every day.


2. Increases Patience Level

The GRE is a long-term examination, students must sit for extended periods of time to complete their assessments. While some children may be accustomed to sitting for long periods of time during the day, a significant proportion of students may struggle in this area. As a result, GRE mock tests will be extremely helpful to students who want to increase their sitting time and develop the habit of studying every day.


3. Attempt and Eliminate Method

While taking GRE mock tests online, you can keep a close eye on your performance and eliminate any methods that aren’t producing the intended outcomes. So, if you implement a study method one day and don’t perform well on your best GRE practice test after doing so, you can discard that technique and replace it with a different one.


4. Examine Your Own Results on Most Accurate GRE Practice Tests

You can evaluate your results on a daily basis and make changes to your study method as needed. You can take the average of your mock test scores. This will give you a good sense of how high you may expect to score on the GRE.

With every mock test you take during your GRE prep, you are going to evaluate your score and performance in the Verbal and Quant sections. This is a much needed and mandatory exercise because, without self-analysis, you just don’t know where you are heading.

A piece of advice here is that you should sit with your faculty for your review so that you get a good understanding of- what went wrong. Was it a careless mistake? Was it a concept you did not know? Was it that you were short of time and hence rushed through the question? This error log you make is going to make you tick off what you need to focus on for the next mock test. And this has to be done separately for the Quant and Verbal. All the above should be covered during your GRE course.


5. Unlimited Resources; Mock Tests for GRE

Taking GRE mock tests while still in school allows you to prepare for the GRE with plenty of time. You can talk to your teachers, seek advice from your seniors, and so on. As a result, it’s a win-win situation because you’ll be prepared for your GRE Test ahead of time.

Taking GRE mock tests makes you remember how to study; you are habituated to being in class, grasp information and learn to study for your exam. Preparing for GRE mock tests allows you to adequately prepare for the exams.


6. Using GRE Mock Tests to Focus Your Study Time

One of the most significant advantages of using sample tests is learning what you are good at and what you are not. Then you can concentrate your study time on your areas of weakness.

You’ve probably just worked the questions to get them right all along. But does the GRE exam actually wait until you have the correct answer? NO! As a result, when you take a mock test, you should do so with the seriousness and focus of the actual test in mind. You learn how to pace the entire test so that no questions are left unanswered.


7. Improve Your Speed in GRE Mock Test

If you want to do well on the GRE Test, you must maintain a steady pace as a test taker. To help you enhance your speed and decision-making, practice GRE mock tests online in a timed format.


Variation In GRE Mock Score

At times, it becomes difficult for candidates to accurately predict the GRE score as the score achieved in different GRE scores secured out of different mock tests tends to vary. This happens because of their varying difficulty in the context of levels.

For example, Power Prep 2 full-length tests generally correspond to the types of questions found on the GRE. Surprisingly, these mock tests are created by none other than ETS, the publisher of the actual GRE.

As a result, a lot depends on the websites that provide GRE mock tests. A few websites feature less-realistic questions that a candidate is likely to encounter while taking the actual GRE, while others outperform expectations by presenting more realistic questions.


Average Out The Varied GRE Mock Test Score

If you are yet to grasp a trick to accurately predict the mock score, you may try averaging out the scores of different mock tests. You will be surprised to find out that your actual GRE score is indeed very close to what you averaged out sometime back.


Advice Related To Accurately Predicting The Mock Test for GRE

Which GRE practice test is the most accurate? If you truly intend to predict your GRE mock test score as accurately as possible, you need to attempt full-length GRE mocks that too in a proper manner. For the same, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:-

  • Do not pause in between while attempting the GRE mock tests
  • Do not skip any section like the AWA
  • Do not deceive yourself during a GRE mock by resorting to any unfair exam practices to secure the better score


Final Thoughts About How Accurate Are Mock Tests for GRE?

If you happen to secure less than 310 in around 6 to 8 mocks, chances are fewer that you will be able to secure 320+ score in a final GRE. Therefore, it is better to use mocks to do GRE preparation in a better manner instead of merely using it as a tool to predict your actual GRE score.

In simple words, your main agenda behind dissecting the GRE mock tests must be to gain insights related to your weak areas so that you can work upon your weak areas and eventually turn them into your strengths.

Also, GRE test practice in the form of mock tests serves diverse purposes to enable candidates to gain experience related to attempting the actual GRE test. The major purpose served by GRE mocks is reflecting the true progress of a candidate related to the GRE preparation.


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How Many GRE Mock Tests Should You Take?

Remember that GRE practice tests are an important element of your GRE preparation, but they should not be your exclusive source of information. You can take as many practice tests as you need to get a feel for the exam. If you only have a month to three months to prepare, it’s best to take four GRE mock exams – not including the diagnostic test you’ll take to establish a baseline.

How to access GRE mock test online free?

You can use the free GRE online tests available or choose a test series from a reputed test prep institution. Make sure the questions in these tests mimic the actual GRE questions. They should be full-length tests and include the GRE experimental and GRE Analytical Writing Assessment sections.

What Type of GRE Mock Tests You Should Take?

Begin by taking the non-adaptive free GRE mock test online. Switch to the adaptive GRE practice test once you’ve completed most of your preparations. This will allow you to better identify your areas of strength and weakness early on in your preparations, as well as give you a taste of actual test conditions later on.

What is the Importance of GRE Mock Tests Online?

Practicing GRE mock tests online will help you understand how the computerized section adaptive test works. The test will help you to identify where you stand and how much work you should put in to reach your score target. The review of these tests will help you understand the areas you are lacking in.

What type of GRE mock test papers should you take?

The GRE mock tests you take should be full-length ones with experimental sections if possible. These tests should mimic real GRE tests with all the topics and question types covered. Make sure that the series of GRE Tests you choose has around 6 to 8 tests for a good amount of practice. Plan to take only the computerized tests. The paper-based ones can be used as drills.

Where can we take a free GRE practice test online?

Many of the test prep companies offer a free GRE practice test that can be taken by creating an account on their website. Make sure that the test you take is similar to the actual GRE in terms of content and structure. The ETS too has two free full-length tests which you can practice before taking the actual GRE. These mock tests will help you set targets and also help you plan your future course.

Which practice tests are best for GRE?

Test series from reputed companies and the GRE Powerprep can be used for regular practices. Make sure you take full-length timed GRE practice tests.

Why do you need to appear for so many GRE mock tests before the actual GRE?

Anyone who is planning to run a marathon would ensure he has enough practice to build stamina for the run. The same is the case with GRE. During the GRE test preparation, the students should take tests at regular intervals to ensure their preparation is on the right track. These tests should be taken in a timed manner. The more tests you take, you will be better equipped to face the GRE.

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