From university shortlisting to the visa, Manya has been with me throughout

Case Study of Shivam Vasudeva

What does it mean for a college graduate to wage through the smooth process of GRE and to get admissions abroad? Ask Shivam Vasudeva, a student of the University of Cincinnati who was a student with Manya-The Princeton Review for over eight months. The long process of filling various universities, to making the applications before deadlines, entry requirements for the particular course, etc. are a lot of things for an individual to take care of. Shivam says that had it not been for Manya-The Princeton Review, he would not be able to tap into the resources to the best of his advantage and get into the top universities.

The counselling services helped him understand how to improve on his GRE scores, shortlisting of universities that are best for him and the choice of his courses. The hardest job of getting a Letter of Recommendation from known professionals in the field was the quickest for Shivam with the help of Manya-The Princeton Review and the on-site editors made. They helped him develop a Statement of Purpose that highlights his capabilities best and sets him apart from others.

What’s more at Manya-The Princeton Review?

The dedication of the staff members in providing support even after course completion to the grading of the essays and helping clear the visa process with mock interviews will be a highlight of his journey with us. He says that, if given a chance to recommend Manya-The Princeton Review, he wouldn’t think twice because of the dedicated staff who have been with him throughout this journey.

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