Success Story: Cracking IELTS By Just Studying Online

Success Story of Shethabhish

P Shethabhish, a student with a dream of studying abroad, started with his preparation for IELTS, online. Now you must be wondering how right was this decision as many believe that going for offline classes is way better. However, to your surprise, P Shethabhish did not just crack the IELTS exam but also scored a satisfactory seven and all this with the help of online coaching by Manya-The Princeton Review.


About the Course

According to P Shethabhish, Manya-The Princeton Review was not just an institution for an online course; it was the guiding power which made it possible for him to clear the IELTS paper.

Talking about the specific details of the course, he explained how once he registered with Manya-The Princeton Review, he was given a custom dashboard (portal) for six months, which was calibrated according to his calibre.

With this dashboard which had pre-fed data from the institute, Shethabhish’s weak points and strong points were bifurcated, and his curriculum was designed as per his competence. This made it easy for him to polish his strong points while working on his weak points.

Shethabhish mentions that the best part about studying in such a way was that he could understand everything topic with his pace and could repeat the lessons if required. This made him more confident for the paper.

In the end, with the right focus, online coaching and dedication, Shethabhish did crack IELTS in his first attempt proving the point that even online coaching work if taken from the right institute like Manya-The Princeton Review.

So, if you are an IELTS aspirant, Manya-The Princeton Review is your go-to institution for any online or offline coaching for IELTS. With a world-class faculty and an experience of training thousands of students, Manya-The Princeton Review is not just an institute; it is a brand.


What’s More at Manya?

Want to read more success stories? Here is another story of our proud student who shares all his experiences and learning at Manya- The Princeton Review.

So, don’t wait until it is too late, join Manya-The Princeton Review today!

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