Five Reasons Indian Students Love to Study in the UK


The United Kingdom offers wide-ranging higher education opportunities for all sorts of applicants. After the United States, UK is the second most preferred destination for Indian students. UK education consultants often find students opting to study in London, the financial capital of the country, thus making it a quite famous destination for study-abroad aspirants.

With three out of the world’s top ten universities and over 100 well-known educational institutions (as per the World University Rankings) offering unique programs, the UK is without a doubt one of the top choices for Indian students. If you are planning whether you should consider higher studies in the UK, the following five reasons will surely help you make an informed decision:


Globally Recognised Universities & Quality Education

Globally Recognised Universities

Your degree from a UK university will be recognized across borders by not just other universities, but also global employers and government bodies. The universities are kept under strict and regular inspection in order to uphold the high standards of quality education. The QAA – Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education is tasked to assure the academic quality by conducting scheduled quality assessment reviews as to how UK universities and colleges maintain the required standards of higher education.

Why does the QAA exist?

The Higher education policy and regulation is applicable among the four nations of the UK. The statutory responsibility for the registration/regulation of higher education providers lies with the national funders and regulators, i.e. the Office for Students in England; the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland; the Scottish Funding Council in Scotland; and the Higher Education Funding Council in Wales. The UK Quality Code applies across all jurisdictions.

As the high standard of the UK education system is already established, if you intend to pursue a UG course, you would be pleased to know that according to a QAA survey, 91 percent of international undergraduates were reported to be happy with their overall educational experience in the UK. In terms of career opportunities, the UK provides excellent opportunities.


Education Policies in the UK

Education Policies in the UK

Now that we know that securing admission in the UK will certainly be globally recognized, you must also understand that what policies led to this high-status. To be precise, what are these standards of education that the QAA upholds?

Curriculum: Educational institutions have the authority to design their own programs of study. The QAA provides benchmark statements explaining the core competencies, at the level of an honours degree in various disciplines. These benchmark statements aim to assist those involved in the program’s design, delivery, and review. The QAA also provides guidance on program design and approval for higher education institutions.

Teaching Methods: Pedagogical methods are essentially chosen by the individual teacher, department, or faculty, or a combination of these. Most courses involve formal lectures as well as less formal seminars, in which students are encouraged to not just participate but also lead discussions. Science courses also require practical laboratory sessions.

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) provides academic staff with professional recognition, networking, development opportunities, and advice, including by working directly with Higher Education Institutions to understand their individual priorities.

Student-Specific Progression Monitoring:  The QAA provides guidance via its UK Quality Code for Higher Education. The Code recommends that each institution must publicise and implement clear rules and regulations for students progressing from one stage to another of a program and for qualifying for an award.

Overall, what Indian students especially love about the UK education system is its emphasis on close interaction between students & lecturers and the freedom to combine a diverse range of subjects into a single course of study.


Scope for Research

Scope for Research

If you are a research student, you would definitely like to consider the benefits of studying in the UK. Though it constitutes just 0.9% of the world’s total population, the country puts across 6.4% of global journal articles, and 15.9% of the world’s most cited articles. UK is ranked second in the world for science and research, with 54% of output considered world-leading (more than the US, Canada, and Germany!)

Behind the excellent research, the UK offers brilliant thinkers, some of the best minds in their fields. Conducting your research at the birthing place of a long heritage of new discoveries, you will be surrounded with world-class faculty and research guides. The impact that their inspiring tutelage has is evident in the fact that 93% of international postgraduates rate the quality of the UK teaching highly.

The latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) which regulates the quality of research in more than 154 leading UK universities and colleges, classified 30% of the research as ‘world-leading’ and 46% as ‘internationally excellent’. So if you’re a research aspirant, you can be rest assured, that the research you conduct will have a global reach. The fields of health & medical sciences, clinical sciences, social sciences, business, and humanities have a great research scope in UK research.

In the UK, most Ph.D. programs comprise three years. However, it is understood that research takes more time than anticipated, therefore, an increasing number of programs incorporate a number of taught modules into the program thereby, increasing its length to four years. These programs include the New Route Ph.D. scheme and the Wellcome Trust Four year Ph.D. scheme.

Fun fact: A whopping 95,184 research doctoral degrees were awarded in the UK in 2008-09 and 2012-13.


Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

The UK, just like the US, has a long history of welcoming international students. If you have made up your mind to study in the UK then get prepared to get acquainted with some of the brightest minds from across the globe. Well connected to major European countries such as France, Netherlands, and Belgium, at close distances ranging from 300 – 1,000 miles, international students can pack their bags and go off on an adventure during the holidays. Indian students get the opportunity to develop the global-citizen outlook and connections that can help to drive forward their careers.

With a mix of cosmopolitan cities and countryside villages, the UK offers numerous historical landmarks, famous music festivals, widely varied cuisine, and amazing events to keep international students entertained throughout the duration of their study.

Moreover, international students who study full-time at a recognized university are allowed to work part-time during the term for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during the holidays. This will definitely help the adventure-seekers to earn a few extra bucks to fund their wander-lust while balancing academics!


Duration of Courses & Scholarships


Courses in the UK education system are famous for being shorter and more intensive than many other countries. This means that you graduate sooner, without compromising on the quality of education! An undergraduate program can be completed in three years. However, if you aim to pursue a Master’s course in the UK, you may find the one-year duration for all Master’s programs to be an advantage. A year-long master’s is taken considered as good as the usual two-year degree at an international level. You would also have an option to opt for a Master’s program in combination with Ph.D., which will save you an additional year.

Shorter duration of courses in the UK means reduced tuition and accommodation costs. This not only saves your time but also tuition fees and living costs.

One of the key reasons that have made the UK a popular study abroad destination for Indian students is the county’s excellent scholarship system for popular undergraduate, postgraduate (Masters, MBA), and even doctoral or Ph.D. programs. Mentioned below are a few scholarships that are exclusively offered to Indian students:

  1. University of Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarship 2017 for Indian Students
  2. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships 2017
  3. Oxford-Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarship
  4. Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships
  5. Imperial College India Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships 2017
  6. Goa Education Trust Scholarships 2017 (GET)
  7. University of Sheffield’s Scholarships 2017 for Indian Students
  8. Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland Scholarships for Indian Subcontinent Students
  9. Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) Scholarships
  10. Cambridge India Ramanujan Scholarship
  11. Lady Meherbai Tata Scholarships for Women

With this information at hand, who would not want to try their chance at studying in the UK? Speak with a specialized UK education advisor at Manya to know which university suits your interests, and start applying!


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