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A decision to pursue study abroad is marked by several factors that can influence your choices. Not only the program but the choice of country is also one of the most important decisions to make. When looking for the desired country, you should keep a few factors in mind and select the one that best suits your criteria. The decision should be made considering that your choice of country can be a potential source for you to develop your profile and elevate your chances.

Apart from complimenting the rankings by U.S. News, the list for the Best Country to Study Abroad 2023 is decided upon through a survey conducted with 18000 individuals. The ranking is made by focusing on several deciding factors starting from the quality of education to the cultural atmosphere of the countries.

While you might get an idea of several listed countries through the world rankings, we intend to discuss our top 6 picks that are regarded as the most preferred destinations for international study and are gaining popularity among students for enhanced facilities.

Our top 6 include:
The United Kingdom
The United States
As we proceed, we will discuss each country and the contributing factors that make them stand out,

The United Kingdom

Educational Reputation:

Universities in the UK have a stellar reputation for applying the latest research technologies to show their commitment to high-class academic endeavour. Namely, 4 of their universities rank among the top 10 globally.

Networking Globally:

The UK is a great place to create lifelong relationships that enhance over time. With an internationally welcoming atmosphere consisting of candidates coming from diverse backgrounds, it is your ideal destination to network internationally.

Diversity in Courses:

International students are free to immerse in multiple courses of their choice. Ranging from technical, arts to law and management, the UK has it all. You can find out more about the requirements and eligibility to make an informed decision.

Excellence in Teaching:

The Quality Assurance Agency regularly inspects the teaching policies and methods in the UK, making them more reliable. These universities maintain their reputation and make sure that as an international student, you enjoy the top-notch facilities and excellent pedagogy of the universities.


Universities in the UK are committed to providing their students with full financial support through numerous scholarship options. A few of the notable ones include the Commonwealth Scholarships, The Felix Scholarships, etc.

Work Permits:

Acting as an additional funding relaxation, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week during your terms and full-time during semester breaks. This helps with exposure to the industry and helps track your finances.

Employability Opportunities:

Universities in the UK train their students to take up jobs that require technical skills, and critical ability and hone their profile overall. Recruiters from all over the world prefer students from these universities for their great academic profile and excellence.


study abroad in united state

The United States

Academic Valour:

USA boats of highly reputed and top-rated universities with 13 institutes in the top 100 global list, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence and promoting education that is sought after globally

Research Opportunities:

Universities here have a deep appreciation for research-based curricula and adopt practices that promote research in academia with cutting-edge technologies where institutes like MIT and Stanford are a testament to this

Job Opportunities:

Being the hub for global markets, this country opens a plethora of options for international students to avail and gives them a kick start to their professional career on a large platform

Flexible Curriculum:

International students are free to choose from over 4500 colleges, and even decide on the mode of deliberation, online or offline. You can also opt for certification/diploma courses simultaneously and select the duration accordingly


Although non-academic, this is an important factor for international students who are not accustomed to extreme weather conditions. USA has a comfortable setting for you to enjoy all four seasons.

Career Aspects:

With international recruiters on the run, US students are mostly preferred due to their high academic rigour and are given unique opportunities to leverage their career right after they graduate

Work Permits:

You are allowed to avail of an Optional Practical Training (OPT) that permits you an additional 3-year stay post-graduation. You are also allowed to work for 20 hours per week, thus securing your financial status.


Top Universities:

With a mix of 45 state-funded, and 31 private universities, it has 25 of them listed in the QS World Rankings. Few of the internationally preferred ones would be, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Barcelona, and the University of Navarra.


Ranking 38th out of 163 countries, it is indeed one of the safest countries to consider living. They have recorded minimal violence and crimes which makes it an ideal place for international students to explore.

Part-Time Work:

You are allowed to work simultaneously while you study within your visa-approved period. A student can avail a 20-hour work week during your classes as per the policy.

Immigration Reforms:

Changes in the immigration policies recently allow you an extended stay of 12 months after you complete your degree. To avail of this, you need to submit financial sufficiency proof, degree completion proof, health insurance, and other relevant documents.

Tuition Cost:

Compared to UK and US contemporaries, Spain offers you a relatively low tuition fee and has multiple options for your financial security. Considering cost as an important parameter, it is a top favorite among international students.

Education Quality:

Spain being recognized due to its universities’ reputation speaks volumes about its academic quality. Universities have a practical learning approach that assists the student in hands-on experience and makes them industry-ready.

Residential Options:

Universities here often provide students with residential facilities in the form of hostels. Apart from that, you have rental facilities or dormitories as per your choices where the cost depends on the location. Notably Barcelona and Madrid might be on a little expensive side.


study abroad in Italy



Freestyle programs:

This country gives you the freedom to explore your creative side and choose from a plethora of options. You do not have to restrict with science but rather can explore art, and creative genres as well.

Academic Reputation:

With a blend of history and pedagogy, Italy serves as the perfect place to take up your academic ventures and the presence of ancient institutions confirms its reputation.

Cheap Travel:

You can use public transport that is comparatively cheaper and helps students who prefer living in the outskirts, helping you manage finances.

Scenic Options:

If you love to travel and explore new destinations, it will be a treat for you to visit these locations. With an option between beautiful views and historical architecture, it is a treat for all.

Immersive Culture:

This is a great opportunity for international students to network with diverse people and enjoy their time. You get to experience art and try out new food, hence slowly adapting to a new culture.

Work Permits:

Here, you can avail a 20-hour work week during your semester and further apply for a work visa once you graduate to convert it to a working residence permit.


With an introduction to a new culture, comes an opportunity to learn a new language, and what better than starting with Italian? It is a wonderful opportunity to utilize your spare time in networking and learning a different mode of speaking altogether.


Program Standards:

Considered as the hub for institutions with expertise in business and other related domains, it is often a preferred location for international students. Notable ones would be EDHEC, INSEAD, and HEC Paris to name a few.

English Preference:

France has over 1700 courses offered in English, even though its official language is French. This offers students a blend of diverse languages and helps them connect globally.

Approach-based Pedagogy:

French institutes offer their international students a classroom that adapts a practical approach of application-based studies for enhanced skill building and overall development.

Financial Assistance:

Universities often arrange for rental facilities, and take care of your accommodations. They also have varied sources that offer you scholarships. A few would be The Charpak Scholarship Programe and other financial aid through governments.

Work Visa:

France offers a renewable visa for 1-4 years if you are planning to stay more than a year after you graduate. And, this allows you to continue working for 60% of the regular working week.

Global Hub:

With proximity to Europe, France opens numerous work opportunities for you in the global market and gives you an insight into the immersive cultures that international students are free to explore along with enjoying different locations as a vacation.

Powerful Economy:

Ranking 3rd in Europe in terms of economy, France offers you an atmosphere of academic, research, and work prospects that can open new horizons for your career and help you take your dreams ahead with a kickstart to your journey.

study in japan


Cultural Engagement:

Amidst the pink lustres of Japan, it is also a culturally rich country that allows you to immerse in its landscape and welcomes you to a culture that is welcoming. You get to experience cuisine and mannerisms that will make your stay a memorable one.

Academic Standards:

Japan is often hailed for its standards in education and with the presence of universities like Tohoku University and others, it has a line of reputed institutes, that maintain the pedagogical levels and secure their place in world rankings.

Learning Languages:

Learning a local language helps international students in more than one way. It not only enhances your vocabulary but also makes sure that you use it to your benefit. You can learn Japanese and network with local people to avail opportunities and explore cheaper options for daily use.

Visa Policies:

You can stay in Japan initially on a student long-term visa for more than 90 days followed by filing for a work permit once you graduate. You are eligible for a PR here if you can show 10 years of continuous work in the country.


Compared to US and UK contemporaries. Tuition costs here range below $10k and are therefore preferred by international students on a budget. This also makes your lifestyle easier by balancing finances and sustaining through internships/part-time work as well.


To further aid their students, Japan has numerous government and private-based scholarships that can be availed. Notably, you have Research Scholarships from the Japanese Government and Aichi Scholarship Program that can be opted for.

Career Prospects:

Japan being a tech-based country has multiple options and access to multinational companies on a larger scale. Students looking to take their careers forward with companies like Toyota or Mitsubishi Groups find this place as their dreamland.


Now that we have discussed our favorite picks, it is inevitable that we also share the basics of selecting these. The countries presented here have been talked about in a positive light and to show you the governing factors that can help you decide. However, remember that international study is, in general, a really big decision and therefore should be well-informed by all means.

You can prefer the UK due to its reputation, the US for international hub access, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan for their cultural inheritance, renowned institutes, and immersive learning opportunities by looking at this article. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to do your research and find the country that best suits your interests. It should never be influenced or inspired unless you are sure that it helps you give a boost to your profile and accelerates your career.

Choosing a country can be overwhelming and this is where external help goes a long way. At Manya, we strive to provide you with detailed insights into the country of your choice and provide you with customized suggestions as per your profile. This not only helps you concentrate on your application material but also increases your confidence knowing that you are making the correct decision.

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