Epeolatry-The GRE Way

“When you are amidst an ocean of words and the waves are engulfing you, genuflect and submit yourself before me.” Thus spake Word.

abc-blocks-150x150Working on GRE Vocabulary is one of the most tedious activities, one that fills you with ennui, because it makes you run from pillar to post within a dictionary. (At this moment you are probably looking up the word ennui, and doing so makes you even more ennuied!!). To sit with a list of words and to read their definitions may not be everybody’s favorite activity.

Here are a few ways to learn new words in an interesting and effective way.

study_buddies-150x150Use Flashcards       

Using flashcards is a good way to randomize learning and keep your brain awake. Combine flashcards with a quiz; try to guess the meaning of a word without looking at its definition. Carry your flashcards with you wherever you go, so that you can look at them whenever you get time.

Quizzes1-150x150Quiz yourself frequently

Grab a blank paper and write down as many words and definitions as you can without looking at the vocabulary list. This will help you realize how many you have learned and will also keep your brain active.

Never sit at the same place

Sitting in the same place for long hours will push you into boredom and then sleep. Get up and move around. Also, try recalling words while doing something else. This kind of activity will keep your mind active, and also help in retrieving the words from memory in a random way.

ways-to-increase-your-vocabulary-150x150There are many other interactive ways of improving vocabulary.

  1. Note them down. Whenever you come across a word that you do not know note it down either in a notebook or using your smart phone.
  2. Highlight them. While reading any written material (that is your own!) use a highlighter to mark any word that you do not know.
  3. Play word games: word games such as Hangman, Boggle, and Scrabble.
  4. Color-code them. Color code the words in your Vocab Journal – yes, you must have one!
  5. See them often. Make a small list of words that you tend to forget and put that list in a place where you will see it in time and again.
  6. Use them. As you learn new words try to use them as often as you can
  7. Use mnemonics. There are several ways to aid your memory–explore them

We are not done yet! Stay tuned, we will tell you more about refreshing and innovative ways of learning new words.


*Epeolatry= Worshipping of words

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