Employment Opportunities in South Korea for International Students


South Korea is known for its extensive and efficient labor force that contributes to the success of South Korea’s economy. The high standard of living in Korea is enabled by the high salaries of the workers, the average salary of an employee in South Korea is about $2,600 a month.
Not only this, Job Opportunities in South Korea for international students are available without a need for a work permit, as a student visa is valid for more than one year, which is quite sufficient.

Job opportunities in South Korea for international students are now more sufficient than for Korean nationals.

Why is that? This is largely because South Korea is gaining an international reputation, and it is also gaining international companies and relationships. International Students in South Korea are not only being welcomed into the job market to improve these relations but also because of the need for English speakers other than Korean.

If you are planning to find job Opportunities in South Korea then this is the best time to apply for it, simply because the South Korean economy is boosting day by day Asia’s 4th largest economy South Korea is now promoting international students to find jobs in South Korea.


Two Factors that Make South Korea an Equitable Destination to Work

Two Factors that Makes South Korea an Equitable Destination to Work


South Korea Culture is so Welcoming –

Working in a different Country can give you second thoughts, solely because you have to move out of your comfort zone leaving your family, friends, and culture behind moreover fear of being left out does not leave us but if you’re choosing South Korea for settling down then you should leave these thoughts behind as the people of South Korea are extremely welcoming and easy to mix up with. South Korea Culture is filled with Hospitality and on top of that, the food is just amazing.


South Korea is One of the Safest Countries To live in –

The crime rate in South Korea is low, South Korea holds 8th rank at the EIU’s safe cities index hence, if you are working in South Korea, the fear of feeling unsafe should not come to your mind while choosing to work in South Korea.


How to Find Jobs in South Korea

How to Find Jobs in South Korea


The Korean government is encouraging foreign students to secure jobs in South Korea. But you should do good research work before choosing the field to work in this is because it is much easier to find jobs in certain sectors as compared to others. As a foreigner it may seem difficult to find jobs in South Korea, Here are some methods that will surely help you in finding employment opportunities in South Korea:

1. Online

Finding jobs online is the most commonly used method for seeking job opportunities. Here are some of the frequent sites for finding jobs in South Korea for international students:

  • Job Korea
  • Saramin
  • PeopleNJob

These are some of the frequently used Korean sites where recruiters update job requirements and all required details for the job.
If you are planning to teach the English language in South Korea then you should use the sites mentioned below as they will provide you with jobs and advice about English teaching.

  • Gone 2 Korea


2. Newspapers –

Searching for Jobs in newspapers may seem a little old or traditional method but you should know that South Korea is one of the countries where job requirements are still published in newspapers. Following are some of the newspapers where you can easily look for jobs in South Korea.

  • The Korean Herald
  • The Korea Times
  • The Seoul Times


3. Job Fairs –

Job Opportunities in South Korea are also targeted through Job fairs, which are held annually in South Korea and specifically target foreigners. Job fairs are divided into two categories:

  • Job fair for International student
  • Job fair for International residents

Types of Job Opportunities in South Korea

Various Job Opportunities in South Korea

Nowadays it is much easier for foreign citizens to find jobs in South Korea as compared to the locals this is simply because South Korea is gaining an international reputation and there are plenty of international companies that are emerging in the country. Because of emerging international companies in South Korea, foreigners are now being welcomed in the workplace. There is a requirement for employers who can speak languages other than Korean.
There is great demand for teaching the English language as well as requirements in the technological and manufacturing sectors in South Korea.


Teaching English

There is a high demand for native English speakers in South Korea so it’s common for foreign students to take up tutoring jobs in South Korea.

Teaching the English language is the most common job for Indians or other foreigners in South Korea. You can conveniently work and live in South Korea only by teaching English. Usually, it is not required for you to know the Korean language fluently to teach English in South Korea. Some institutions will ask you not to use the Korean language while teaching English because they want their students to be forced to speak and learn English immediately and fluently.


Other Major Sectors to work in South Korea are:

  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel
  • Mobile telecommunications

South Korea’s leading industry employers are:

  • Samsung (Semiconductors)
  • Hyundai (Vehicle Manufacturing)
  • LG Electronics (Electronics)
  • KPMG (Professional services)
  • ExxonMobil (Chemicals)

There are some companies that can give a boost to your career. If you are searching for job opportunities in South Korea for foreigners then you should definitely apply to the companies mentioned above.

If you’re finding difficulties in finding jobs in South Korea, Then you should know about the following opportunities.

  • IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of students for technical experience) – it’s an association that provides summer internship opportunities in countries that include South Korea in the field of science and engineering.
  • AIESEC – it’s an association for international students and recent graduates to find voluntary work and paid work in professional organizations and schools in countries that include South Korea.


Requirements for Working in South Korea

Requirements for Working in South Korea

To work in South Korea you need to have a graduation degree in the field you want to work in. Being able to speak the Korean language is not at all mandatory but it is favorable. Your chances of getting selected by the company will increase if you know how to speak the Korean language or if you want to learn Korean this is simply because speaking Korean will make it easy for the existing employers to mix up with you and the communication will become smoother if you know how to speak the Korean language.


Work-life in South Korea

Work-life in South Korea

Earlier the working hour in South Korea was very long but later reforms were made and these reforms reduced the working hour and made it somewhat between 68 hours to 52 hours per week including overtime work. There are about 10 to 16 public holidays annually in South Korea. There will be an increase in your paid holiday every year you work for your company. The rate of income tax ranges between 8 t 10 percent. You would have to pay for your health insurance, your pension insurance, and your taxes while working in South Korea.


Resume Tips

Resume Tips

Before submitting your resume or CV to South Korean companies you should know that you need to follow a specific Korean CV style. You’re required to download the standard Korean CV format and fill in the relevant details. The hiring departments are very professional and will only go through the CVs that are submitted in the proper Korean CV format.


Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Your chances of being selected for a job in South Korea will be high if you give a physical interview rather than an online interview because your physical presence will convince the hiring team about your seriousness for the part. You should arrive 15 minutes earlier in your interview for a good impression along with a copy of your CV and cover letter preferably in both Korean and English language. The candidate should not go for handshakes unless it is initiated. You may be asked to submit a test of proficiency in Korean score.

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Best job in South Korea for Indians?

There are plenty of good and high pay jobs in South Korea for Indians which include:

  • Senior Engineer: About 47 Lakhs per year
  • Assistant manager: About 34 Lakhs per year
  • Deputy General manager: About 33 Lakhs per year

Highest paid jobs in South Korea?

The highest-paid jobs in South Korea include :

  • Graphic Designers
  • UX Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Content Writer

Is the Cost of living in Korea expensive?

The average cost of living in Korea is very reasonable. It is not as cheap as some other countries in Asia like India and China but it is also not as expensive as Singapore or Japan.

How much can international students earn in Korea?

Ranges of Salary in South Korea from 8,000 – 12,000 won/h. Jobs that require good Korean language skills will also have a higher salary, an average of 25,000 won/h. For translators – interpreters, tour guides, working in companies, the salary is up to 200,000 – 400,000 won/h.

Is studying in South Korea worth it?

Is studying in South Korea Worth it? Definitely Yes. South Korea is modern, historically rich, and offers students a safe location to study abroad. South Korean Universities are some of the best universities in Asia. International students can take advantage of vibrant nightlife and exceptional food.

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