How to Apply for a Student Visa for South Korea?


South Korea can be an equitable destination to study abroad as the country offers around 370 official higher education providers. South Korean universities provide authentic high-quality education to both their national and international students which includes fields like management, arts, science and a lot more courses that can eventually provide your career a kick start and opens a gate to bright opportunities. South Korea is a very literate country the literacy rate of South Korea is 97.3%. About 68% per cent of the South Korean population holds a bachelor’s degree.

Following are some top universities to study in South Korea:

  1. KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
  2. Seoul National University
  3. Korea University
  4. Sungkyunkwan University
  5. Yonsei University


Factors that Make South Korea an Equitable Education Destination

Factors that Make South Korea an Equitable Education Destination

  • Culture

Going to a different country for education can give you second thoughts, solely because we have to move out of our comfort zone leaving our family, friends and culture behind moreover fear of being left out does not leave us but if you’re choosing South Korea for your higher education then you should leave these thoughts behind as the people of South Korea are extremely welcoming and easy to mix up with. Their Hospitality and food is top-notch.

  • Security

South Korea holds 8th rank at the EIU’s safe cities index hence the fear of feeling unsafe should not come to your mind while choosing South Korea for education.


South Korean Student Visa Application Process

South Korean Student Visa Application Process

Candidates must get admission to their desired University of South Korea in order to have a South Korean student Visa. For getting admission to South Korean universities you must fill the university’s application form. Generally, the usual documents and details that are required to fill university application form include the copy of your passport (keep in mind that your passport should have 6 months of validity left), documents that could be used as proof that you can pay or afford the required expenses to study in South Korea, copy of the last degree you have studied (keep in mind it should be a program in the English language). Additionally, if you want to pursue an Academic course degree in South Korea that lasts more than a duration of 6 months then you have to get a South Korea study visa.

After getting admission in your respective degree following are the further steps for getting South Korea to Study Visa.

  • A candidate should pay the university’s tuition fees after paying tuition fees the university will further grant a certificate of admission confirmation.
  • After receiving certification of admission candidate is required to visit the South Korean embassy nearby your place.
  • The candidate must connect with an executive at the embassy to provide him/her with the required document details that have to be submitted by you. The documents provided must be in English or Korean language only.
  • Once you have submitted the required documents the embassy will evaluate your document and will further provide you with the confirmation details of your visa.
  • After the confirmation of the student visa, the candidate is required to collect his/her visa personally by visiting the embassy.
  • Lastly, the candidate must get student insurance.

The candidate will receive the landing card after arrival. You must apply for an alien registration card within 90 days of your arrival. Anyone who is wishing to stay in South Korea for more than 90 days should apply for their alien registration card as it acts as an identification card for international students.

List of the Documents that are Generally Required for South Korean Study Visa

List of the Documents that are Generally Required for South Korean Study Visa

  • Application Form – The application form should be filled by the candidate himself/herself. You can find this application form on the South Korean embassy’s website.
  • Candidate’s Passport (copy as well as original) – Make sure that your passport should have at least 6 months of validity.
  • Candidate’s Academic Record – It should be in the proper format as required by the university. Your academics must be in the English language.
  • Passport Size Photo – Candidate must provide at least one passport-sized photograph.
  • Health Certificate – Candidate must provide the certificates of all the medical tests that are required to be conducted for receiving a South Korea study Visa. These tests must be conducted by renowned hospitals in your country.
  • Financial Documents – These are the documents that can be used to prove that the candidate can afford the expenses to study and live in South Korea for the entire duration of his/her degree/course.
  • Conformation of Admission
  • Guarantor’s Letter of Finance
  • Personal Statement
  • Sponsorship Letter (if any)


Types of South Korean Student Visas

Types of South Korean Student Visas

  • D1 – D1 visa is for international students who want to pursue a degree program in cultural arts. The validity of this visa type depends on the duration of the course.
  • D2 – D2 visa is for the international students who want to pursue a long term degree course like bachelor, master, PhD. Usually, this visa is valid for 2 years and can be extended as per the enrolment year.
  • D3 – D3 visa is for international students who want to pursue training in the industrial sector. The validity of this visa is not that long but it can be extended as per the course duration.
  • D4 – D4 visa is for international students who want to pursue a general training course that involves an educational Institute except for any academic research institute.


South Korea Student Visa Fees

South Korea Student Visa Fees

Here are some details on South Korea student visa fees.

Single Entry Visa (For less than 90 Days) $40
Single Entry Visa (For more than 90 Days) $60
Double Entry Visa $70
Multiple Entry Visa $90


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are South Korea student visa requirements?

Here is a list of the documents required for a South Korean student visa.

  • Application Form
  • Candidate’s Passport
  • Candidate’s Academic Record
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Health Certificate
  • Financial Documents
  • Conformation of Admission
  • Guarantor’s Letter of Finance
  • Personal Statement
  • Sponsorship letter (if any)


Q2. Is there any need for a South Korea study visa for Indian students?

Yes, Indian students who want to pursue a degree program in South Korea that has a duration of more than 90 days need to apply for a student visa. You need to connect with Korean universities if you have any policy related doubts.

Q3. Is student life in South Korea good?

Yes, the student life in South Korea is very good. South Korean universities have a very light and easy-going life. It’s very easy to be friends with both national and international students in the university. South Korean universities provide has very good hospitality for their students.


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