Resumes and CVs for MS and PhD to Study Abroad

resume-cvThe rules for writing a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for MS or PHD abroad are a bit different than they are for the regular job hunt, but the goal in the end is still the same: you want to make it is clear that your particular qualifications make you a good fit for this opportunity. Whether you are applying for a scholarship, a place on a master’s course or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), you need to provide relevant information to make the first impression the right one. Resumes and CVs for MS and Ph.D. applicants are a must as they describe you, your experience and all that you have achieved thus far.

Guidelines for a Resume:

1) Do not exceed two pages:
Often, graduate schools receive several applications for one program. Consequently, the admissions committee(AdCom) browse through Resumes and CVs for MS and Ph.D. applicants, quickly to narrow down the pool. That is the primary reason why your resume should not be more than two pages and comprise easy-to-scan bullet points that spotlight your greatest achievements. Resumes and CVs for MS and Ph.D. applicants should include latest academic qualification, academic projects, workshops/seminars attended, achievements and extracurricular activities done.

2) Create categories of skills & accomplishments:
Here is some food for thought for those wanting to frame the right Resumes and CVs for MS and Ph.D. applicants- skillsCreate categories. You will want to make sure your CV includes all your top academic accomplishments, such as Research completed, Internships, Industrial visits/Training, Scholarships, Awards, Publications, and Presentations.

3) Structure the content:
It is important to remember to not use personal pronouns in resume and CV to keep the draft as crisp as possible. The primary importance of Resumes and CVs for MS and Ph.D. applicants is to portray your potential, by displaying your journey thus far. You must avoid presenting a futuristic viewpoint. The format must be formal, and so fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman (at a maximum font size of 12 and a minimum of 10) are most preferred.

Guidelines for a CV:
GuidelinesA Curriculum vitae means the course of life in Latin, which is your first clue that a CV is quite a bit longer than a resume and could vary from 2-6 pages. This document is the more popular for aspiring researchers and Ph.D. It must include academic publications which lend insight to your research. In short, an educational institution would prefer to take you on if you have proven your ability to get published, so you can get their name out there, too.

So go ahead and do that with your crisp yet detailed CV or Resume!

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