Beat The GRE Math With These 7 Easy Tips

Do you want to ace your GRE test? Are you wondering how to get the perfect GRE Math score?

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place! We’ve got the cheat sheet ready. You can easily crack the GRE Math section with these 7 secret tips and tricks that we are sharing:

7 Tips to ace GRE test Math section

1. Practice Makes ‘Everyone’ Perfect

No matter how scared you have been of Math in your previous academic years, practicing can help you succeed in the GRE exam. It is advised that you start practicing for the test at least six months prior to your actual test date. Even if that seems impractical to you, it is crucial that you start practicing as early as possible.


2. Don’t Be Fast And Furious During The Test

The clock is ticking and you are running out of time yet more than half of your test still remains unsolved, don’t panic cause it is natural to lose your cool.

You must memorize shortcuts to gain a strategic advantage during such moments. Techniques such as mental math, Vedic math, an approximation, etc. can greatly help you solve a question quickly! This will help you keep calm and avoid silly mistakes made in haste.

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3. Get Comfortable Using The GRE Onscreen Calculator

Despite being tech-geeks many students are not comfortable using the GRE calculator. We understand that using the onscreen calculator may not be user-friendly but it certainly comes in handy during the test. Learn to use the calculator for complex calculations and this will help you keep up with the time crunch and maintain your pace.


4. Skip But Don’t Miss

As there is no negative marking in GRE Math section, the best strategy is to skip the difficult questions and come back to them later on (but before you complete the section). You can comfortably answer all questions whether or not you know the answer since there is no negative marking in GRE exam. If you are unable to decide which question to skip, it is better to time yourself on each question. Do not spend over 1.5 minutes on any question unless you believe the solution is within your grasp.


5. Be Wary Of Word Problems

Often the most tricky questions in the GRE Maths section are the word problems. The key to solving these ‘complicated’ word problems is to read them thoroughly. Read and re-read until you are sure of what has been asked, what data is provided, etc. and only then start solving the question.

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6. Work On Your Mistakes

During mock tests, you may come across a pattern of questions that you are most likely to answer wrong. On the contrary, there may be a certain topic in which you are unable to answer correctly sometimes. Evaluate your knowledge by assessing your strengths and weaknesses in terms of topics during a mock test. This can help you fare better during the actual test. It is important that you work on your mistakes until you get them right.


7. Memorize Concepts Over Formulas

Although it is important to memorize all formulas, it is not mandatory. If you find yourself in the difficult if not impossible situation of trying to learn everything, it always helps if you understand the underlying concept behind these formulas instead.


It’s Not All As Confusing As It Seems!

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis are the four broad topics covered in the GRE Maths section. No matter how scared you are each time you see a question from one of these four if you follow the above guidelines you can be pretty confident that you will sail through.

Have you got any GRE math tips? So those are some GRE math tips and tricks that you could use in order to improve your test-taking skills. If you have already studied for the GRE and got a good score in Math, let us know if you have any tips that worked out really well for you. We’ll add them to this guide and share it with everyone. But if you’re still studying for the GRE test, and you need help with your prep, then we at Manya-The Princeton Review are here to answer any questions you may have. We’ve helped many students score high in the quant section, and we can help you get the top score as well. Reach out to us if you would like us to assist you with your GRE preparation.

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