Is APS Certificate Mandatory for Indian Students to Study in Germany


According to ICEF, with a huge influx of Indian students in Germany in recent times (even amidst the Covid pandemic), in terms of Indian students in Germany, there has been a record increase of up to 33%. Now that the student visa slots for Germany are opening this week, it will be a good idea for you to know everything about APS Certification.

If you are aspiring to study in Germany, the APS i.e. Akademische Prüfstelle Certificate is one must-have requirement that is integral to the new visa application procedure for Indian students. The APS Certificate is a pre-requisite for a Germany student VISA application as it serves as proof of authenticity of academic documents of Indian students in accordance with the eligibility of German Universities they are applying to. The APS Certificate fee is Rs. 18,000.

An APS Certificate is mandatory for Indian students applying for a Germany Student VISA with effect from November 2022. The students are thus recommended to complete the APS Certification prior to their application with the German University to keep the processing times at a minimum.


Eligibility of Applying for an APS Certificate

Anyone irrespective of his/her nationality who has acquired education from any of the recognised Indian school boards or universities may apply for an APS Certificate

Exemptions are Given if

  • Students are going for short-term courses the duration of which is less than 90 days
  • Students sponsored by German/EU-funded scholarships
  • Students holding degrees from international schools (IB, A-Levels, etc.) or international universities; such students may apply directly for study in Germany via a Germany student visa application

The documents generally required for APS Certification include:

  • Printed and duly-signed APS certificate application form with passport-size photo (not older than six months)
  • Copy of APS Fee Transfer Receipt
  • Copy of Aadhar Card with linked mobile number
  • Copy of Valid Passport
  • Copy of mark sheets and degree certificates
  • Copy of Language Certificates-German and/or English
  • Student Authorisation Letter

The requirements can vary depending on the program for which the student is seeking admission:

  1. Undergraduate Studies: after Class 12 with/without JEE (Mains & Advanced)
  2. Undergraduate Studies (with a minimum of two semesters of a bachelors)
  3. Graduate Studies
  4. Post Graduate studies

For more specific information, students are advised to refer to the Academic Evaluation Centre by visiting https://aps-india.de/checklists/.

The documents need not be notarised for submission at the time of applying for APS Certification except when they are translated into English from any of the Indian regional languages.

Students must note that once an APS Certificate has been issued, it is valid indefinitely. Only in the case of any change in the eligibility criteria, re-application of the APS Certificate may be required under a new category.

Many students who have not yet been issued the degree certificate from their universities and have received just the provisional certificate wonder till when the same will be considered for APS Certificate. This is a query we receive frequently from our enrolled students. To simplify the answer, as per APS India, a provisional certificate older than one year is not accepted.

Mode of Submission Of Documents

Students can submit their documents for APS Certificate in these two modes:

  1. By Courier
  2. At APS India Office reception during stipulated office timings

Please note that after online submission of the APS certificate application, withdrawal of the same is not permitted; fees once remitted will be non-refundable under any circumstances.

The German Embassy had been working hard to install this new process with the intention of streamlining the process for quite some time. This is intended to stop forged and fake documents which have made up 15% of all student visa documents as per German Ambassador Philipp Ackerma.

This had caused considerable delays in the processing for students applying to German Universities. This APS Certificate will help resolve the bottlenecks of VISA appointments at the German Embassy, thereby facilitating students in obtaining fast appointments at the German Embassy & Consulates General in India.

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For further details on the APS Certificate, please feel free to connect with our expert advisors at Manya – The Princeton Review.


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Who needs APS Certification?

As of November 1, 2022, all students holding Indian scholastic or academic records who wish to pursue Studienkolleg, a bachelor’s or master’s studies in Germany are required to submit an APS verification certificate during their student visa application stage.

Does APS India issue a German student visa?

No, APS India does not issue any VISA but plays an integral role in the Germany student Visa Application process.

If I hold an admission letter issued by a German University, is the APS Certificate still needed?

Since the APS Certificate helps authenticate your previous academic records, it facilitates the VISA application process. Please remember that, for your Germany student visa application, you will require the admission letter issued by a German university along with the APS Certificate.

My APS account is yet to get active despite having received a username and password. Why is this so?

As per the recent update from the APS, due to a large number of applications each day, APS India has manual activation which may take some time. Therefore, you need not panic.

So should I first obtain an APS Certificate or should I first start my application process in German Universities?

Since the APS Certificate is now required by all students intending to study to Germany, as per the advice of the admissions experts at Manya-The Princeton Review, students must adopt the proactive approach of completing the APS process prior to their applications to German Universities, provided the deadlines allow them to do so. Taking such a proactive step will help students keep processing times at a minimum.

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