Accommodation for Indian Students in Germany


Once you have finalized your study abroad destination and shortlisted universities to apply to, you will have to focus on finding the right kind of accommodation. Germany is one of the popular study-abroad destinations for higher education. Germany is a preferred study-abroad destination for Indian students as it provides a vast range of programs and specialization courses. Moreover, as a well-developed economy, the country provides a plethora of lucrative employment opportunities. Besides, as a nation that has created benchmarks in terms of advancements in the fields of technology, automotive, and engineering, Germany offers state-of-the-art labs and resources that you can access to further your research interests.

Finding accommodation in Germany is relatively easy on the budget front, especially if you are applying to public universities because they do not charge tuition fees. Hence, you have enough funds at your disposal to look for accommodation suited to your preference. A crucial point to be noted here, however, is that not all universities provide campus accommodation in Germany. So, you will have to duly research your options before you arrive in Germany.

This is a time-consuming process, and therefore, it is recommended that you start looking for accommodation options in Germany once you submit your applications. Do not wait for the admit results to come in, be proactive and prepared with your groundwork so that you can complete the due processes once you receive your offers and confirm your final decision. There are numerous social media groups and various websites available to help Indian students with their search for university accommodation in Germany.

As per a report published by the Deutsches Studentenwek, about 50% of international students in Germany live in shared apartments, 32% take up individual residences, 18% live in single rooms in residences or shared corridors, and 9.45% live in dormitories. This data clearly shows the extent of campus residency available to international students in Germany. Also, the kind of accommodation that a student takes up is dependent on individual budget, comfort, and preferences.


Kinds of Accommodations in Germany

The two main kinds of accommodations available for Indian students in Germany are:

1, The Students Union Hall of Residence: This is a cheaper residency option available to Indian students in Germany. About 40% of the international students in Germany avail of this option. Besides being pocket-friendly, these accommodations are located close to campus, thereby reducing commute time for students. With due permission from the administration committee and resident tutors, you can also partake in many sports and cultural activities, thus broadening your scope for networking and socialization. If you want accommodation here, you need to apply for the same well in advance and regularly follow up as the demand for the halls of residence is high and they tend to fill up fast. These student halls in Germany offer you the following types of accommodations:

  • Single rooms
  • Couple apartments
  • Shared apartments
  • Single-parent households
  • Single apartments
  • Apartment/single-room for disabled people in the housing community

2. Private Accommodation: Although not as cheap as the student halls of residence, private accommodation remains the most popular with about 60% of international students in Germany preferring this mode of accommodation. A disadvantage here is the lack of socialization options as with the student halls of residence. However, private accommodations allow you more flexibility in time and rules, besides ascertaining privacy. You can look up these private accommodations at the International Office or the city’s student union or even inquire from newspaper advertisements and websites. A crucial point to be noted here is that private accommodation rents will be higher in the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Main, and Hamburg than in any other part of Germany. So, based on your budget, please decide wisely.

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Best Cities to Stay in Germany as an International Student

According to QS Best Student Cities 2023 rankings, Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart have been ranked the best cities for Indian students to stay in Germany. Munich and Berlin particularly feature in the top 10 of the top 100 cities for international students in the world.


Cost of Accommodation in Germany for an International Student

As per the German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD, students spend about 900 EUR on the monthly cost of living. Thus, based on official data, an international student will need about 300 EUR per month as the cost of accommodation. These are largely average figures. Specifically, for students opting for cheaper options of stay and targeting cities with affordable cost of living, the cost of living will be about 220 EUR.

For the average Indian student in Germany, the monthly cost of accommodation (approx. figures) will be:

  • Students Union Hall of Residence: 21,400 – 30,000 INR [265 EUR – 372 EUR]
  • Private Accommodation: 64,000 – 72,600 INR [793 EUR – 900 EUR]
  • Shared Flats: 37,000 – 60,000 INR [459 EUR – 743 EUR]

Similarly, your cost of living will largely depend on the city that you will be staying in during your time of study in Germany. For instance, in Berlin and Stuttgart, your cost of living as an international student will be around 80,000 INR [991 EUR]; in Hamburg and Frankfurt, your cost of living as an international student will be around 90,000 INR [1115 EUR]; in Munich, your cost of living as an international student will be around 1,00,000 INR [1239 EUR].

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What are the kinds of accommodations available for Indian students in Germany?

The two major types of accommodations for Indian students in Germany are private accommodations and student union halls of residence.

Can I get campus accommodation in Germany?

Yes. However, campus accommodation in Germany is rare and hence, competitive. If you wish to stay close to the campus, you can apply for accommodation at student halls of residence.

What will be my cost of living in Germany as an international student?

Depending on the kind of accommodation and the city that you stay in, your cost of living in Germany as an international student will vary between 20,000 – 1,00,000 INR [248 EUR – 1239 EUR].

What is the average monthly rent for international students in Germany?

You will need around 900 EUR for monthly rent in Germany as a student.

Which is the cheaper accommodation option in Germany?

Students halls of residence are relatively cheaper options for staying in Germany as an international student.

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