Perks of Studying in Germany for Indian Students


Although USA and UK continue to be popular study abroad destinations for students looking to pursue quality higher education, Germany also features in the list of most preferred study abroad destinations for Indian students for a good number of reasons. The cost of higher education in Germany is very low with public universities charging no tuition fee. Besides, Germany houses top-ranked programs, especially in the field of technology and engineering, and offers an affordable cost of living. In this article, let us explore the top reasons why study in Germany, for pursuing your higher studies in Germany.


Studying in Germany for Indian Students: A Brief Overview

Here’s a brief overview of the salient points you can consider as an Indian student while planning how to study in Germany as an international student.

Tuition Fee for Indian Students 3,000 – 40,000 EUR
Types of Programs Available UG, PG, Diploma, Doctoral, Certificate
Duration of Courses 2 – 6 years


Why is Germany Considered a Sought – After Study Abroad Destination?

Low Cost of Education

Germany tops the list of preferred study abroad destinations for Indian students because it offers top-notch quality of education at a low cost. In case you decide to study in a public university, you do not need to pay any tuition fees. The government in Germany funds higher education and hence, you can study at a German public university free of cost, even as an international student. However, please remember that you will have to pay a nominal administrative fee of around 100 – 300 Euros depending on the kind/level of the program. However, private universities in Germany do charge a tuition fee.


Top – Ranked Programs

Germany houses some of the globally top-ranked universities. Hence, if you are keen on experiencing quality learning at a well-ranked institute and that too at affordable rates, you should target institutions in Germany.

Following are the top-ranked universities in Germany as per Times Higher Education Ranking (2022).

University of Munich
Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg
Humboldt University of Berlin
Technical University of Munich 
Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
University of Tübingen
RWTH Aachen University
University of Tübingen
University of Göttingen
University of Mannheim

Thus, you can avail of quality education at top-ranked universities at competitive prices. The focus will remain on gaining the desired learning, instead of being distracted by plans of repaying your education loan post-completion of your education.

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Wide Variety of Programs

Although Germany is well-known for its courses in technology, engineering, and automation, it also offers a countless number of courses in other disciplines across levels. Be in Geological Sciences, Humanities, Automotive Systems, Computer Science, International Management, Management, Psychology, Sustainable Management, Blockchain Management, or IT and Consulting, Germany has a program of choice to match your specific interests. Each of these programs is offered across both public and private universities of education in Germany for Indian students as well as for International students.


Globally Recognised Degrees

Not only top-ranked universities and a vast range of courses, but the education system in Germany has also taken care to design its specific programs in a way that is at par with global standards. Hence, the degree that you obtain in Germany will be recognized at all destinations and by all firms across the world.


Attractive Job Opportunities

Even as an international student enrolled on a full-time program, you can work part-time in Germany for 20 hours a week 120 days full-day in an academic year. This ensures that you have a source of income to fund your living and travel costs during your time of study in Germany for Indian Students. As a well-developed economy, Germany also offers easy full-time employment scopes to graduates.


Travel and Learning Scope

You can travel to other parts of Europe on your German Student Visa. Thus, if you like to experience a new culture and discover new places, Germany offers you the perfect opportunity to do so. You can utilize your term breaks to explore Europe on affordable plans. One of the benefits of studying abroad for Indian students in Germany, is you get the scope to learn a new language as German is the native and most-spoken language in the country. Learning a new language definitely adds to your resume, opening up new employment opportunities for you.


Affordable Living

Typically, you need 860 Euros per month to cover living expenses in Germany for Indian Students. During your stay in Germany. Although rent may seem slightly expensive, you can reduce the cost by taking up shared accommodation. Particularly, the cost of living in Germany for Indian Students, especially in North and East Germany is cheaper compared to the Southern and Western parts of the country.

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What is the cost of education in Germany?

Germany is known for providing free public education. However, there are semester contribution fees ranging between 100 euros-250 euros. Hence, it’s a great destination to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad without much cost involved.


Does Germany have any top-ranked programs?

Yes, Germany is home to many top-100 globally ranked universities such as the University of Munich, RWTH Aachen University, Humboldt University of Berlin, and Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg.

Why should I pursue higher education in Germany?

There are many advantages to studying in Germany. Germany houses some of the top-ranked universities and offers a wide variety of programs at affordable rates. Specifically, public universities do not charge any tuition fee and you will have to pay just nominal administrative fees of 100 – 300 Euros. The cost of living, especially in North and East Germany, is pretty low. Moreover, as a well-developed economy, the country offers many lucrative employment opportunities, even part-time employment for international students. Furthermore, as an added advantage, if you love to travel, you can explore Europe on your German student visa.

Does Germany offer good employment opportunities?

Germany is a well-developed economy with strong precedence in the engineering, automotive, and IT sectors. Hence, the country always provides lucrative employment offers to students.

Are German degrees internationally recognised?

Yes. All German programs and courses meet the international standards of education and accord degrees that are recognized in any corner of the world.

Is it worth studying in Germany?

Yes, It is worth studying in Germany. Because Germany provides the best opportunities for jobs, scholarships, programs, etc. Their extensive academic excellence creates a separate market for German products in the world. Serving the best model of the academic education system. Thus, One of the most affordable countries in the world for international students for education bachelor programs.

Which field is best to study in Germany?

The engineering field is the best, for now, to study in Germany. Germany is well known for its mechanical, automotive, and electrical engineering. Thus, Germans are exceptional in engineering sectors.

Can I settle in Germany after study?

Yes, one can settle in Germany after studying. An international student can stay in Germany while looking for a job. But make sure of having the correct documentation, like a residence permit which can be easily extended for 18 months.

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