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Are you aware? The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE score is accepted in countries, like the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. The test is taken by graduates, business schools and law school applicants. Before you start preparing for the GRE, it is important to know every single detail about the GRE exam. May it be the GRE structure, the question types, eligibility for GRE, GRE exam fees or the scoring pattern, ensure that you understand the rules of the game before you start to play.

This blog will help you to plan your GRE preparation. You must know about GRE, however, you may not know exactly know how to prepare for GRE.

GRE Test Structure:

Questions Time Average time per Question Min- Max Score Score Intervals
Analysis of an Issue 1 30 min NA 0-6 0.5
Analysis of an Argument 1 30 min NA
Quantitative Reasoning 1 20 35 1.75 min 130-170 1
Optional Break 10 min
Quantitative Reasoning 2 20 35 1.75  min
Verbal Reasoning 1 20 30 1.5 min 130-170 1
Verbal Reasoning 2 20 30 1.5 min
Unscored1 Varies Varies
Research2 Varies Varies


The Experimental Section:

The unscored section, also called the experimental section, can be a verbal reasoning section with 20 questions to be solved in 30 minutes or it can be a quantitative reasoning section with 20 questions to be solved in 35 minutes. ETS uses the experimental section to test new questions that can be used for future tests. After the AWA Section, 2 Quant Sections, 2 Verbal Sections, and 1 Experimental Section can appear in any order. ETS won’t allow you to identify the experimental section, and, at the same time, the experimental section will not be counted towards the score. So, we have to treat all the sections as scored ones. Alternatively, sometimes, you may have a declared research section towards the end of the test; you can attempt or skip this section.

Quantitative Reasoning Section:

Most of you will find the Quant Section to be much easier, as you may need to work on the high school level math to ace this section. Basic concepts of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry are tested in this section. However, you might find this section harder because these questions are asked in a tricky way. The right strategies for pacing and accuracy will enable you to get a better score in this section.

Verbal Reasoning Section:

You might find it a bit challenging while preparing for your GRE exam. Nearly half of the questions require you to read the passage and answer the questions based on the passage while GRE vocabulary plays a more significant role in the other half of the questions. “How many words should I learn?” is the most common question asked by the students preparing for the GRE. Don’t be afraid! There are multiple ways to learn and remember words such as Read more, follow the dictionary, say words out loud and learn GRE flashcards.

GRE Scoring Pattern:

A different kettle of test-taking techniques and a few good habits would help test takers a lot to produce desired results. For further updates on the test and how you would be tested, please download our latest GRE eBook: A Free, Complete Study Guide to the GRE. Get a real-time experience of the test by taking a full-length mock test at one of our centers.


You might feel that it is easy to ace the Quant Section and decide to focus only on the Verbal section, however, the fact is – you should be practicing enough for both the sections. The mantra to ace the GRE test is Practice! Practice! Practice!

The only way to master the tips, tricks, and techniques that you learn in class is… Periodical and regular test-taking with reviews from experts will help in understanding how to apply the techniques and tune the mind and body to focus on acing the 4-hour long test.

Looking at pursuing Masters as a future career option? Here’s your quick start guide about the GRE. Starting with the introduction, overviews of each section (Quantitative, Verbal, Writing) recommended strategies to help you ace the GRE.

Download our latest GRE eBook: A Free, Complete Study Guide to the GRE!

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