10 Prestigious Scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

It is a dream for all meritorious students, especially in India, to study in top international universities. But often, financial constraints act as a hindrance and they are unable to give wings to their dreams. It is due to this reason that numerous international and national bodies try to ensure that the talented youth is not denied the quality of education that they deserve just because there is a scarcity of funds. To enroll in such educational institutes, students can further hone their skills in coaching institutes like Manya – The Princeton Review to strengthen their knowledge base and confidently appear in the study abroad scholarship exams.

Here are the 10 prestigious scholarships for Indian students to study abroad- in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Europe, and China:

  1. Tata Scholarship: This scholarship is for the Indian students who want to study at Cornell University, the USA for undergraduate courses. For this, they need to be Indians who have an admission to Cornell University and need financial aid. This scholarship covers tuition fees for eight semesters. When the course exceeds the duration, the student would need to cover their own expenses. Medical expenses, living expenses, food, and travel expenses are covered. Here, Indian students can study if they are enrolled in the College of Architecture and Planning, Applied Economics, the College of Engineering, and Management major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, majors across Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.
  1. Erasmus+ in Europe- The Erasmus+ program shares the Uniplace vision of promoting international student mobility. This program came into existence from 7 other existing EU sponsorships. These sponsorships provide teachers, students, and institutions from all over Europe with €14.7 billion in a span of seven years.
  1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme in France: The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship aims at those students who want to study in France and receive international Masters and Ph.D. degrees. This program gives the students an allowance of 1,181€ per month. It also provides a return ticket to their homeland along with providing a social security cover.
  1. Chevening Scholarships in the UK: For those who want to study in the UK, this is a good choice. It is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and it is UK’s global sponsorship program. This scholarship program, however, allows certain countries’ students to apply. 1500 students from such countries can receive cover for their monthly allowance, tuition fees, a return flight ticket to the home country along with a couple of other grants.
  1. Endeavour Postgraduate Awards in Australia: For those who want to study in Australia, the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards would be of immense help in completing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Australia. This award provides students with complete financial support- essentially the tuition fees, monthly allowance, a travel allowance, health, and travel insurance.
  1. Fulbright Scholarships in the USA: The United States-India Educational Foundation, or USIE, offers scholarships to Indians who want to pursue a master’s course or conduct research in any U.S. institution. For this they need to complete the U.S. equivalent of bachelor’s (4 years of education), have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in the same area that they want to research, excellent communication skills, community service and leadership, and motivation to pursue studies and their contribution to nation-building initiatives are a few areas where candidates are evaluated upon. This scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare (economy), textbooks, and a stipend to cover living costs. It is ideal for those who want to study Environmental Science, Arts, and Culture, International Legal Studies, Gender Studies, Public Health, Public Administration, Urban and Regional Planning. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program takes under their cover up to 4000 international students and complete financial support for studying in the United States.
  1. The Gates Millennium Scholarship in the USA: it is sponsored by The Gates Foundation and it covers the entire expenses of 1000 students. Any Indian students can study anywhere in the USA and are eligible for the Gates Millennium Scholarship and receive pay for tuition fees and accommodation.
  1. Swedish Institute Study Scholarships in Sweden: Indian students can apply here and appear among the 550 international students who are given this scholarship by the Swedish Institute for pursuing a Master’s degree in Sweden. This scholarship covers the entire tuition fees, partial travel grant, living expenses, and insurance.
  1. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships (Global): The JJ/WBGSP is for students from developing nations who want to receive a Master’s Degree from abroad and then come back to their motherland and contribute towards its upliftment and development. It provides funds for tuition fees, health insurance, accommodation, and a stipend for covering living costs.
  1. Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants (Global): It aims at global mobility of talent and aims at any student who wants to study abroad. The scholarships start from $30,000 and cover all academic, travel expenses, including tuition, accommodation, language courses, and other supplies.

Financial constraints should never stop you from spreading your wings and receiving an education. These scholarships are truly gateways to success and Indian students should grab them for a better future.

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