IELTS Live Online 1 on 1

Manya Education’s IELTS Live Online 1 on 1 program brings to you the teaching expertise at the click of a mouse! Taught by our CUP certified IELTS instructors, the online classes are offered via live webcasts. Our experienced instructors and world-class training material ensure you not only prepare for the IELTS but also gain mastery over the English Language. Join us for result-driven preparation and IELTS curriculum coverage, intensive IELTS study material, rigorous practice & doubt clearing sessions, etc. Now prepare hassle-free at the comfort of your own home!

Manya’s IELTS Live Online 1 on 1 program is a power-packed instructor-led IELTS prep course. Our IELTS 1:1 online training is led by our Certified Trainers, who are experienced in IELTS prep, and are dedicated to identifying and meet your needs for live online IELTS preparation at the click of a mouse! During IELTS 1:1 live online coaching, students are provided access to our exclusive IELTSstudy materials, practice tests, and other coursework. IELTS 1:1 live online preparation classes are offered via live webcasts. The course is a unique, student-friendly, and trustworthy live online program that enables students to study from the comfort of their home.


IELTS Live Online 1:1 Offerings:


Tutoring Study Material
11 hours of instructions from Certified Trainers Cambridge official guide for IELTS
A range of essential skill-building exercises and focus on exam strategy Exclusive Cambridge printed material for methodical preparation & practice. Unique Workbook for extra practice to give you that extra edge.
Customized study plan Free assistance in IELTS registration
12 months of IELTS course validity Support in sending official scores to universities/colleges

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