What are Academic Transcripts & Transcript Certificate?


What is an Academic Transcript?

The academic transcript is an official instrument or document that has similar values to other credential documents. Like Grade cards, mark sheets, Declaration of educational certification, etc. The necessary transcript of record included student bio-data, Institutional information, courses, grades, performance, etc.

An academic Transcript is an official document that records the performance of the student. But despite this, there are requirements according to the country’s law and regulations of their need for an Academic transcript. Let’s understand what an academic transcript is in India.


What is a Degree Transcript?

The transcript of the Degree is legitimate proof of completing a course. Which is official documentation required while one requires to study for a Master. The official transcript seal is marked on the transcript or degree to make it authentic. In India, there is no basic difference between the Degree Transcript and Degree. Both are used as proof of completion of a course whether it’s a graduate or master’s.


What is an Academic Transcript in India?

There are various names of academic transcripts in India. The list of similar documents like transcript mentioned below:

  1. Mark List
  2. Report Card
  3. Diploma Supplement
  4. Grade Card
  5. Transcript of Records (ToR)
  6. Cumulative Record Transcript
  7. Academic Transcript of Academic session
  8. Mark sheets

Well, the academic transcript in India is similar to the other various credential certificates in India. This could be the mark list which contains the mark of the mandatory subjects and Report cards which are academic results during preschool.


What Does an Academic Transcript Contain?

An overview of the academic transcript format usually included the Name of the Academic University, Accreditation, name of the student, parents, Date of birth, Year of graduation, Roll number of the student, Name of the Degree, Duration of the Course taken, and List of Courses.

Other than this Marks/ grades obtained in all courses, and the total aggregate of the marks obtained. These are some factors which are included in the academic record or academic transcript format. Well, this followed in the academic transcript in India.


What is a Transcript of Records (TOR)?

The Transcript of Records contains three following factors. First, Courses are taken by the student. Second, a number of credits or grades have been given. Third, The number of examinations passed in a particular course or subject.

The additional information contains the grades and the duration of the courses taken. Thus, this is called the Transcript of Records or TOR. The student always asks a basic question. Why does one need a TOR? Let discuss;


Why is a Transcript of Records Necessary?

The Transcript of Records plays an important role during the admission process in any university. Thus, it contains the basic information and bio-data of the student and academic performance. There are some points to consider while examining the Academic Transcript of Records, Those are as follows;

a. Legitimation: The transcript of records provides a genuine validation of the student’s academic performance records. Whether regarding the courses or grades of the courses.
b. Uni-Grading Scale: Every country has its own grading system. On the basis of that, each individual is evaluated. Although, the Transcript of Records confirms the legitimacy of the grades and provides flexibility to measure in terms of the respective country grading system.
c. Measure and conversion: The Transcript of Records is used to measure the grading of scores obtained by the student according to the country’s own grading system. In short, the TOR helps to convert the numbers and grades to the respective country’s grading systems to complete the process of admission.

Academic Transcript Format (ATF)

In this section, get to know the content included in an actual academic transcript. This is only an academic transcript sample, to give an idea. What is an ATF? And what does it include?
Let’s discuss the various sections included in the Academic Transcript Format, Those are as follows:

  • The header of the Academic Transcript contains information about the University or institution. The Academic Transcript could be in the size of a Letter, or Legal format. The header included the name, affiliation, address, contact information, and logo.
  • After the header, the title of the document is the Academic Transcript and the name of the program is undertaken by the student. The student bio-data includes the name, ID number, Certificate number, Faculty, Major, and Level of study.
  • After the title section, the detail of the subjects per semester with code and grades. This depends on the university to represent the courses according to the semesters. The only similarity is that the information is shown in a tabular form.
  • The end of the section included the thesis title, grade blueprint, abbreviations, and detail of necessary signatures in the Academic transcript.


Academic Transcript Types and Needed According to the Courses

Academic Transcripts are of two types. One is Official Transcripts and the other is unofficial Transcripts.

  • The Official Transcripts are the detailed record of academic performance reports. It included the basic details of the student’s academic achievements. These transcripts are either mailed or issued officially.
  • Unofficial transcripts are transcripts which on a provisional basis cannot be used to seek admission without official transcripts. After a period the validity of the transcripts expired before getting any official transcripts.

Need for the transcript according to the courses:

The official transcript needs according to the degree courses. Well, a student is starting to acquire a transcript before even getting admission to a university. The academic transcript of the high school curriculum is the first academic transcript acquired by the student. Which is required to submit at the time of university entrance admission.

After completing an undergraduate degree, the student receives another transcript which is a university academic transcript. It is required for the Master’s courses. For P.hd. both the master’s and graduate academic transcripts are required as also the academic transcript of high school curriculum.


How To Get an Academic Transcripts Certificate (ATC)?

In this section get to know. How to earn an ATC? The transcript is an important part of the admission process and used for life long. This is used as a credential value or accreditation as long as the individual lives.

  1. One needs to complete a course or degree to get a transcript from the university. The transcript is issued from the respective institution or university. Other than the university no other institution is authorized to issue a transcript.
  2. After the completion of the degree or course required to pass the exams. After the result, a provisional certificate is issued and mark sheets are given which are the official academic transcript of India.
  3. After 3-4 months approx. the official academic transcript degree is issued by the university.

The Academic transcript and the academic transcript of high school curriculum are getting official when the board of the respective educational curriculum has marked it with a seal, stamp, and signature.


How to Send an Official Academic Transcript to Universities?

In this article, one can understand the most head-smashing work of sending the transcripts to the universities properly. Although many students think that this is easy work, sending the transcripts to the university is quite a dignified and impressive process of work. Like emailing a C.V. to a recruiter. One should know the proper way to send a transcript to a university.

Sending transcripts required expertise. And every country has its own requirements and document verification procedure, here list top 3 of the best countries “do’s “for sending the academic transcript, given below:


Send an Official Transcript to US Universities

There are three ways to send the official transcript to US universities; those are Common Application or Coalition Application, & Parchment or University of California System.

1. Coalition Application

This is a portal which enrolls more than 800 universities across the country of the USA. And a native or international student can use this application to get quick access to the various universities. The academic transcript can be sent directly through these portals. The international student has the facility to send the academic transcript online.

2. Parchment

This requires the student to use minimal effort to send an academic transcript to a university. One needs to place the order and tell them to send the transcript to the desired university. When a university receives the transcript they will notify the individual and upload it into the server for the colleges.

3. University of California

The University of California has its own system to get and send transcripts to the universities. It has its own platform or portal to get the transcript and other documents like LOR, SOP, Resume, etc.


Send an Official Transcript to UK Universities

The majority of the UK universities use the UCAS system. The system is similar to the coalition portal. UCAS let us use and apply to multiple universities at the same time. The database is centralized for holding the necessary documents. It uses the qualification system to evaluate the student’s academic transcript.


Send an Official Transcript to Canadian Universities

There is a system WES which is used by Canadian universities. Which is governed by provinces. The system is a little old-fashioned and uses straightforward lengthy methods. International students might need to send the official academic transcript online or through posting mail. Then the institution will be considered according to the province’s rules and regulations. The World Education Services is the full form of WES.


Document Required Sending Along With Academic Transcript

The application for admission not only asks for the academic transcript but also several other documents to complete the admission process. Here is the checklist for the necessary documents given below:

The checklist for necessary documents with academic transcripts

  • Completed application form and application fee
  • Transcript of records
  • Backlog certificate
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Entrance test scores such as SAT/ ACT/ GRE/ GMAT
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • CV
  • Personal essay
  • Copy of passport
  • Financial documents


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What is meant by Academic Transcripts?

A transcript is a document of transcripts. It includes a thorough listing of all the subjects you’ve taken, together with your grades or marks awarded by the educational.

What is the difference between Academic transcripts and Academic records?

An Academic record is another name of an academic transcript. These two terms are the same there is no difference between them.

Is a transcript is same as degree?

The official award document that attests to your degree is a certificate. The titles, grades, and credit amounts of each module you successfully studied and completed throughout each academic year are listed on your transcript.

What is good GPA for Transcripts?

The typical high school grade point average is 3.0, or a B. In addition, many college scholarships have this as their minimum criteria, however a 3.5 or better is typically preferred. The GPA is important for college admissions.

How many transcripts are there?

There are 3 types of transcripts – Verbatim, edited and intelligent transcription.

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