Required IELTS Score For UKVI Visa And UK Universities


IELTS in Brief

In this section, one will understand what IELTS is. How IELTS developed. UKVI IELTS score chart and IELTS Score chart. Etc. Therefore, an aspirant understands the importance of IELTS. Thus, let’s begin.


What is IELTS?

The exam is designed to assess the aspirant to understand and know the ability to speak English in the encroached native lands of English speakers. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is formulated in this manner to help students study and migrate to English-speaking countries.

The country includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The UK, and the USA. The ability to read, listen, write, and speak in English will be assessed during the test. IELTS score is graded between 1-9 band. The IELTS is joint with the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge English.


How was IELTS Developed?

The IELTS was designed with a highly specialist team of English Ph.D. holders, Authors, and Masters. The International English Language Testing System is developed by keeping in mind providing an equal and fair but accurate assessment of English language proficiency.

The Test covers four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The test is designed by the partnership of several English-speaking countries. Those are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.


Why take IELTS for UK-VI IELTS?

An aspirant who is dreaming of studying abroad needs permanent residency, etc. Especially in the UK, And want to give or test the ability of English proficiency with a high-level sophisticated but accurate English test system. Therefore, one must choose the most popular EPT. Like IELTS for UK-IV IELTS test.



IELTS is the most popular test for those who are looking to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and The UK. It is globally recognized by more than 11000 employers, Universities, schools, and immigration bodies. Due to its rigorously accurate system of taking the English Test.



SELT or Secure English Language Tests ensure that both IELTS for UKVI academic and IELTS for UKVI general training. Also SELT secures the IELTS life skills. This is conducted by the joint partnership between IELTS and the UK home office for Visa applications from the UK.

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UKVI IELTS Score Chart

Visa description Minimum CEFR level required Skills IELTS test and minimum scores required
Innovator B2 Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking IELTS for UKVI

5.5 overall, and in each of the four skills

Start-up B2 Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking IELTS for UKVI

5.5 overall, and in each of the four skills

Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2 General work visa) B1 Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking IELTS for UKVI

4.0 overall, and in each of the four skills

Minister of Religion (T2) B2 Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking IELTS for UKVI

5.5 overall, and in each of the four skills

Student (formerly known as the Tier 4 General student visa) – Degree level or above. If you’re studying at degree level or above, your Higher Education Provider (HEP) can assess your level of English themselves. This means they may ask you to do a different test. This must still be equivalent to a CEFR level B2. Equivalent to B2 Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking IELTS/IELTS for UKVI

5.5 overall, and in each of the four skills

Student (formerly known as the Tier 4 General student visa) – Below degree level B1 Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking IELTS for UKVI

4.0 overall, and in each of the four skills

Sportsperson (T2) A1 Speaking and Listening IELTS Life Skills A1 – Pass

IELTS for UKVI – 4.0 in Speaking and Listening

Representative of an Overseas Business A1 Speaking and Listening IELTS Life Skills A1 – Pass

IELTS for UKVI – 4.0 in Speaking and Listening

Family Route; Spouse/partner; Fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner; Parent of a dependent A1 Speaking and Listening IELTS Life Skills A1 – Pass

IELTS for UKVI – 4.0 in Speaking and Listening

Family Route (extension); Spouse/partner; Parent of a dependent A2 Speaking and Listening IELTS Life Skills A2 – Pass

IELTS for UKVI – 4.0 in Speaking and Listening

Settlement (also known as indefinite leave to remain) B1 Speaking and Listening IELTS Life Skills B1 – Pass

IELTS for UKVI – 4.0 in Speaking and Listening

Citizenship B1 Speaking and Listening IELTS Life Skills B1 – Pass

IELTS for UKVI – 4.0 in Speaking and Listening


IELTS Score Chart

Band score Skill level Description
9 Expert user The test taker has fully operational command of the language. Their use of English is appropriate, accurate, and fluent, and shows complete understanding.
8 Very good user The test taker has a fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriate usage. They may misunderstand some things in unfamiliar situations. They handle complex and detailed argumentation well.
7 Good user The test taker has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate usage, and misunderstandings in some situations. They generally handle complex language well and understand detailed reasoning.
6 Competent users The test taker has an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage, and misunderstandings. They can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.
5 Modest user The test taker has partial command of the language and copes with overall meaning in most situations, although they are likely to make many mistakes. They should be able to handle basic communication in their own field.
4 Limited user The test taker’s basic competence is limited to familiar situations. They frequently show problems in understanding and expression. They are not able to use complex language.
3 Extremely limited user The test taker conveys and understands only general meaning in very familiar situations. There are frequent breakdowns in communication.
2 Intermittent users The test taker has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.
1 Non-user The test taker has no ability to use the language except a few isolated words.
0 Did not attempt the test The test taker did not answer the questions.


Why is a Maximum IELTS Score Required?

There is no mandatory score requirement for the IELTS test. The higher the score on IELTS, thus one can secure a place in any accepting IELTS score organization. The highest score reflects a better understanding and the ability to communicate in English. Each immigration body, institute, university, workplace, etc. accept specific IELTS score requirements.

The IELTS score is also dependent on one’s visa requirement and/ or the requirement of the institution where one plans to study abroad. Thus, one is required to have or be recommended to have a maximum IELTS score.


IELTS score 6.0 accepting universities in UK; Top 7

These are the top 7 universities that accept minimum IELTS scores in UK Universities. Those are mentioned below:

Universities Accepting Low IELTS Scores IELTS score Masters or Postgraduate Program Diploma or Undergraduate Courses
University of Bristol 6 6 6
University of Glasgow 6.5-7.0 7 6
University of Sheffield 6 6.5 6
University of Birmingham 6 6.5 6


Lancaster University 6 6.5 6
University of Leeds 6 6.5 6
University of Aberdeen 6 6 6

The IELTS score is required for English proficiency. It is a test of the ability to speak. Let’s talk about the given university in a short brief.


The University of Bristol

The Red Brick Russell Group runs the University of Bristol. The UoB is a private research university in England. Which was founded in 1876. The average tuition fees consist of more than 19000 GBP for UG and PG courses. This University accepts a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 but with some exceptions no less than 6.0 band. This university only accepts proof of language proficiency which are IELTS and TOEFL certificates.


The University of Glasgow

This is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded by Papal Bull in 1451. It is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of the oldest Scotland universities. The average tuition fee will cost around 18000 GBP approximately. The University of Glasgow may have a higher expectancy for the English proficiency test. Expecting to get an average of more than 7.0 or between 6.5-7.0 IELTS score. But the UoG home office does not accept the TOEFL and SELT tests.


University of Sheffield

The is also a public research institute in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The college was founded in 1905. The average tuition fee will cost around more than 19000 GBP approximately. This university thus can provide some relief to the aspirant for those who score minimum IELTS score. The University expects to get a minimum score of IELTS 6.0 with 5.5 in each component or equivalent in Undergraduate. And in the postgraduate applicants must have a minimum IELTS for UKVI IELTS score of 6.5 with 6.0 in each component or equivalent.


University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham grew out of the radicalism of the first chancellor, Joseph chamberlain. Founded in 1900, with a tuition fee of an average of 35000 GBP approximately. The university accepts the level of English with several tests like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE or alternative qualifications. The university expects a minimum of 6.5-7.0 IELTS scores.


Lancaster University

Lancaster university is one of the best public universities in the UK. The university consists of 9 colleges. The Lancaster university acceptance rate is between more than 19% approximately. The university accepts the IELTS score is no less than 6.5 IELTS score. Also, the university accepts the basic points of 87 TOEFL.


The University of Leeds

The University of Leeds was established in 1904 and is one of the largest universities of higher education in the UK. The University of Leeds accepts the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. English proficiency test. For Undergraduate courses, the university accepts not less than 6.0. This university is also accepted by IELTS 5 band universities in the UK. For the postgraduate courses, the university accepts the IELTS score of a minimum of 6.5 not less than 6.0 IELTS score.


University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen accepts the score of IELTS academics with a minimum 6.0 IELTS score for undergraduates and a minimum of 6.5 IELTS postgraduate score. The university also accepts PTE academics, TOEFL, and Duolingo English.



The article is about the list of score tables for IELTS and their minimum IELTS score requirement for UK universities and student visas. This included the table where a score objected to the performance of an individual in the IELTS examination. And also some of the best universities in UK accept admission with a low IELTS score.


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Is UK accepts 5.5 IELTS score?

Most colleges and institutions will gladly accept your application if your score is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Which University accepts 4.5 IELTS?

You have the opportunity to enroll in classes at Coventry University even with a 4.5 IELTS score.

Can I go UK without IELTS for study?

Yes studying in UK without IELTS is possible. For this you have to score above 70% in English in High school or participating in an online interview with university or giving proof that English is your school’s primary language of teaching.

What is the pass marks for IELTS?

There is no passing and failing score for the IELTS General Training; instead scores range from 0 to 9.

Do IELTS certificate expire?

IELTS certificate are valid for two years.

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