Turn Extracurricular Activities into Scholarships


When it comes to applying for college scholarships to study abroad, generally students tend to ignore the importance of extracurricular activities, but a student’s interests and skills outside of the classroom may translate into substantial financial awards. Students must meet a lot of standards both within and outside the classroom. From an academic standpoint, we all know what colleges expect of us: good grades on tests and assignments, high scores on competitive examinations, and outstanding letters of recommendation from our teachers. On the other hand, not all universities are satisfied with only academic credentials.

Especially if you’re applying for study abroad scholarships in the hopes of using these awards, grants, or scholarships to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and student loan debt, then your skills outside the four walls of those classrooms can come in handy.

Scholarships are available for a variety of extracurricular sports and hobbies. Students should develop a “scholarship resume,” according to Monique Adorno-Jiménez, a student success director for ECMC, a nonprofit organization that supports student loan borrowers, to completely take advantage of all the scholarships that could be available to them. She also has added- “this can really encourage students to examine all aspects of themselves”. Many students and their families depend heavily on scholarships to help pay for college, especially if you are planning to study abroad. In fact, during the 2015-2016 academic year, 50 percent of families said they used a scholarship of some kind.

No award or honor, interest or experience, or no detail about who you are is too small to put down on your list. Put your work experience, volunteer experience, education, extracurricular activities that you have ever participated in, awards and honors, and any unique talent or skills, even if you’re an expert in Excel or an artist. It gives you a much more comprehensive picture of your abilities. The search can begin after a student has considered all the interests and skills and this varies on which college one applies to, However, there are a few main extracurriculars that every student can pursue.



Athletics Extracurricular

Sports participation is an excellent way to demonstrate teamwork, leadership, and a commitment to physical fitness. Athletic scholarships are available to students who are interested in athletics and can apply whether through a college or an outside organization. Especially if you are someone who is looking for scholarship opportunities to study in Canada, one of the most lauded study abroad destinations there are more than thousands of sports scholarships that are available for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Many of Canada’s top universities offer a variety of sports scholarships to international students to help with the financial burden. Top universities such as the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University, as well as lesser-known institutions such as Fairleigh Dickinson, Quest University, and others, all offer financial assistance to international students.


The Arts

Arts Extracurricular

Although having a high GPA is often beneficial, but universities around the globe offer scholarships not only for academic achievements but also on a student’s other qualities, such as voluntary work or artistic skills and creativity is often an advantage when it comes to college applications, to name a few, the University of Bath has launched a new scholarship program, The BeCreative Scholarship.

This can mainly benefit those students who want to study in UK and have a creative mindset, as the new scholarships will encourage applicants to participate in a customized curriculum focusing on creative skills opportunities, such as creative thinking, problem-solving, and presentation skills, all of which will contribute to the scholar’s academic performance and creative mindset. Scholars will also be encouraged to participate in the creative activities of their choice (such as music lessons or dance classes), ensuring that they have the ability to engage in and improve their own artistic practice.

Likewise, students can apply for similar study abroad scholarships offered by various other universities around the world that support a student’s interest or passion. Finding what really energizes you as a student, and taking it as far as you can, or even making a career out of it, is the key to being successful in pursuing one of these scholarships.


Internships Extracurricular

Getting an internship while still in high school is remarkable in any case. Internships are coveted and obtaining one as a high school student can be challenging. They’re important for a variety of reasons, but mostly, colleges want to see that a student can pursue a non-academic project and can thrive in a professional environment. This is why internships should be pursued during holidays, such as winter or summer break. It demonstrates to colleges that you spent time outside of school studying new skills and pursuing a passion project. Work experience in the field is a plus and hence becomes one of the most important eligibility requirements.

Manya – The Princeton Review International Internship Program allows students to complete their internship in a chosen subject with world-class education experts. This program allows students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses. Paired with the state-of-the-art interactive communications and program management platform, students are able to collaborate with mentors in an accessible, convenient and organized remote learning environment that replicates in-person communication. With hard work, students not only complete a research project or written work/publication but can also earn a letter of recommendation – an influential asset for future admissions or employment goals!


Community Service

Community Service Extracurricular

Community service is the keystone of any application that aims to be extremely competitive. Why? Since community service is a great way to make a real difference and it demonstrates to colleges that you can cooperate, prepare, and work to improve your community. There are also organizations that do community service all over the world and coordinate service events by student groups.


Academic Research

Academic Research Extracurricular

Experts point out that certain scholarships encourage applicants to major in a specific field of study, and this may be an incentive for students to find more scholarship funds depending on their chosen academic field. Academic research is an ability that everyone should have, whether they plan to go into the pure sciences, mathematics, social sciences, or humanities. Although some international curricula, such as the IB (International Baccalaureate), teach academic study in high school, there are also opportunities for research for those who do not learn it in school.

For instance, if you are an international student and want to study in USA, one of the most popular destinations for students seeking a world-class and well-recognized international education, The Pioneer Research Program is one of the world’s largest online research programs, connecting faculty and students from all over the United States and Canada to conduct research on subjects ranging from medicine to computer science to economics.

Broadly, think carefully about your aspirations, skills and need and passions: Where you want to grow. Extracurricular activities and your performance outside of school hold equal importance as your GPA So along with excellent scores, overall personality and who you really are can speak through your application.

Students can apply for as many scholarships as possible, including those related to volunteer work and family responsibilities, regardless of their interests, whether theatre, dance or athletics. Having a good GPA is not enough for a student, but in near future, universities and colleges would like to have more than just your standardized examination results on that college or scholarship application of yours.


Find Your Dream University

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