7 Career Options after MBA in Marketing


The business of promoting as well as selling goods or services, including market research & advertising, is primarily referred to as marketing. It has always been an important part of every organization’s growth strategy. With the recent influx in digital advertising, marketing function has also become excessively technology and data-driven.

Skilled graduates who can think creatively, build relevance, and produce measurable results can find plenty of opportunities in marketing. A marketing degree can lead to a wide range of exciting global career opportunities across industries and markets. Many students pursue specialized courses in marketing & related fields in the US, Canada, UK and other study abroad destinations. One of the most common but effective marketing course students opt in the international universities is MBA Marketing.


MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing

An MBA degree in marketing includes advanced training in consumer behavior analysis, strategic marketing, and marketing operations. Students develop their analytical skills while studying in a marketing graduate program. They can also complete International internships to gain practical experience, depending on the program. An MBA degree in marketing usually takes two years to complete. For more information related to MBA abroad, you can contact Manya – The Princeton Review consultants.


7 Marketing Career Options You Can Pursue with an MBA Degree

1. Brand Manager

A brand manager helps in formulating the overall marketing & promotional strategy of the organization. Estimation of demand patterns, recommendation of new products development, identification of relevant advertising platforms, and execution of campaigns are all essential elements of the profile. Definitely, helps in finding new business opportunities. MBA marketing curriculum extensively covers all these elements.


2. Public Relations Manager

Public relations (PR) is a very critical part of any mid size to large size organization. The PR manager is the custodian of the public image of an organization constantly managing multiple stakeholders. Healthy relationships with media & publishing groups, affiliations with industry associations and tie-ups with trade bodies are some of the vital components of the profile. Many a times managing the image of the top brass of the organization is also done to ensure an overall positive image. Generally, there is always a focused module on PR management in every MBA marketing course.


3. Product Manager

Product management is essentially the soul of an organization. The Product manager continuously coordinates with all departments of the organization including production, marketing, operations, sales, technology and customer service. While on one hand, identification of new product lines is important, on the other hand, management of existing product lines is critical.  The product manager is fondly called as a central server of the organization through which all information is passed through. 2 years of MBA marketing will thoroughly prepare a student for product management.


4. Business Development Manager

Business development is as important as marketing, product management or sales for any organization. Identification of new business opportunities, partnering with new business associates, development of newer customer segments, and expansion into newer geographies are all vital parts of the business development profile. Travelling, meeting new people, coordinating with top management makes this profile so important and filled with excitement.


5. Advertising Manager

Advertising is not only about effectively understanding the customer but also about communicating the right message at the right time. While marketing manager overlooks all components of the marketing, advertising manager primarily focuses on the communication component. One good advertising campaign can take an organization to new heights. An advertising manager generally works in an advertising agency. Creative management is always a part of an MBA marketing course.


6. Media Manager

Media management is all about deciding on the right media platforms (advertising platforms), planning the timing of the campaigns, negotiating the costs of the advertising platforms. Majority of the marketing budgeting is managed by the media manager all round the year. Constant coordination with the media houses, publishing groups, digital agencies and so on is essential to this profile. Analytical skills come in handy for a media manager.


7. Sales Manager

MBA marketing graduates can also opt for a sales management position in any organization. Understanding the customer segments, product features, marketing messages as well as effectively communicating to the customer, setting & achieving sales targets is important in sales management. All MBA marketing courses teach the essentials of sales management.

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Is Marketing Right for You?

Is Marketing Right for You?

Determining if you are in the right field or not is difficult. A marketing person should have multiple skills and should keep himself updated with the new marketing trends. For those considering an MBA in marketing, below is a list of additional performance skills:

  • One with collaborative and cross-functional approach.
  • Self-assured and confident in their ability to tell stories.
  • Knowledge about computers.
  • Dedicated to meeting deadlines.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • When fully involved, he feels energised and learns more effectively.
  • Prefers a high-intensity environment.
  • Presentation skill sets.
  • Multitasking and changing goals are skills that you have mastered.

As long as you have an interest in those subjects, the right MBA program will teach you the rest.

Obtaining a marketing degree should provide you with a solid understanding of marketing terms, theories, structures, and methodologies. But what is the true game-changer? Applying it in the real world.


Choosing the Right Country for MBA in Marketing

Choosing the Right Country for MBA in Marketing

Choosing a destination for an MBA program is a big decision for aspiring MBAs. Students can pursue MBA in US, UK, Germany and many other countries. The consequences will have an effect on everything from the subjects they will discuss to networking opportunities and their careers. It is important to make the best decision possible. According to research, MBA in USA is still very popular.

MBA programs in USA usually last two years and include a summer internship. This has the added benefit of giving students real-world experience and allowing them to learn more about a particular business. After the USA, UK is second on the list. Studying MBA in UK Provide students with hands-on training and contacts in Europe’s financial capital. Canada is third, because of the quality of its business schools and the job opportunities available after education, Canada continues to be a popular MBA abroad destination. Most MBA students in Germany profit from their schools’ academic performance. MBA in Germany also offers access to numerous networking opportunities.

Studying MBA in foreign offers a convenient study environment as well as modern libraries with appropriate materials and scientific articles. MBA abroad benefits students in their employment needs and allows them to pursue an MBA without having to leave their current work. Moreover, students exchange ideas and knowledge with people all over the world.


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