A Complete Stanford University Guide


10 Reasons to Opt for Stanford University in USA

  1. The aim of the University’s Education for Stanford University courses for Undergraduate:
  • Evidence-based learning, Stanford University emphasizes more real-life-based organic examples like research reports, actual projects, etc.
  • The direct and triangulating use of the evidence base study helps the student gain more practical knowledge and experience to handle complex situations.
  • The University of Stanford also uses indirect study material for surveys or practical projects.
  • Providing several internship opportunities and Post-graduation care makes a Stanford student well-adaptive, flexible, and easily able to community engagement.

2. Stanford Undergraduate Students Completion Rates of 2015-2016 show the promising and dependable values of opting the Stanford University as a wise choice, The report explained a lot, It shows that from the entry year of 2006-2016, more than 1600+ students entered with an increasing rate of 27% to 30%.

In the 4- year Graduation Rate it is (according to 2006-2016) about 75% and in the 6-year Graduation Rate about 94.5 % according to 2006-2016. By gender wise according to 2006-2016, female, it is off (both 4-year and 6-year graduation rates) at about 87% and male at about 83%

By Race and Ethnicity, especially in Asian and International Students. Asians about 85%, and International about 84% in both 4-Year and 6-Year Graduation Rates.

3. It is the place to discover creativity, art, and aboriginal roots.

4. This is the Bay Area of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe’s ancestral land.

5. It holds the most faculty members more than 2000, Stanford University was founded in 1891, and has a total student intake of, 16000+.

6. Stanford University planned an annual visit of more than 1,00,000 visitors. Both Indian Students and International students are included.

7. The University of Sandford is equipped with attractive facilities, dining restaurants, and shopping malls nearby.

8. The biggest attribute of Stanford University is its reputation for making relationships with the natives, The university maintains its relationship with the Ohlone since its foundation.

9. Stanford University has 19 Cross-disciplinary research and program institutes, which are divided into Departments and Research Centers. The research budget is sponsored up to $1.69 Billion and equipped with more than 20 libraries.

10. The University of Stanford also has 7 Disciplinary Schools, Which are Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities & Science, Law, Medicine, and Sustainability.


The Student Life of Stanford University Campus

The monogram of Stanford University starts with the motto of Stanford Against Hate, Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, etc. The University also drives a 5-SURE safe ride program where it advises the students and faculties to reach the respective location of the university facilities safely.

Stanford University also provides Residential Education, the main purpose is to help the students not get homophobic and support them by providing formal teaching with informal learning and personal support in the residences.

The Stanford Community support is a wonderful initiative, well a university and a place to study but today ongoing achievements making newer concepts and creating a lot of stress on the students, but the campus has taken care of this particular issue it lets students spend some time with their friends, family, other support and experiences the personal journey.

Overall, Stanford University Campus is well-rounded with its Athletics, Art and Culture, Health Care, Recreation, and Wellness. There are some students who are even able to reach the Olympics and give a multi Parable impact.


The Ranking Of Stanford University (SU)

According to the world ranking, it stands as one of the most favorable and fastest-growing universities in the world. With a remarkable acceptance rate.

There are other top 3 Stanford University Rankings present, in Universities Rankings, 2nd position – ARWU 2022, Global Universities Ranking, 3rd position – US News & World Report 2022, and in Top US Universities, SU ranking 2nd position.

World Ranking 4th 

(Source US News)

International Students 5,073
Acceptance Rate 4%
Student/Faculty Ratio 5:1
Male/Female Ratio 50:50:00


The Stanford University Courses for the International Student and Indian Student

Stanford University offered courses on a major variety which consisted of Graduate, Undergraduate, and Research Programs. The courses included Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A), and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). More than this, Stanford University also offers online courses and 60+ other Stanford University courses.

There are 14 different types of post-undergrad degrees, and 95 graduate programs, overall most 500+ Stanford University courses are offered annually. The subject Stanford University Offers mainly Business & Economics, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Life and Physical Science, Clinical, Arts, Law, Computer Science(CS), and Psychology.


Stanford University Masters Courses and the Exam Accepted for the MS Courses

The Stanford University MS Courses are: Masters in Business Administration (MBA), GMAT and GRE are both accepted, Masters in Science (MS) both IELTS and GRE accepted, Masters in Management (MIM), both TOEFL and GRE accepted and in Masters in Arts (MA) only IELTS is accepted.


Stanford University Fees

The average tuition and fees for all Stanford University Courses stand around more than $50,000, therefore, Stanford University fees in rupees stand at approx more than INR 40,00,000 LPA. With a competitive but favorable acceptance rate of 4%. The application fee is $90 for UG computation at INR 6,721, and at the graduate level it is $125 which is INR 10,135.


Tuition and Fees of Stanford University Courses for MS

Stanford University Courses Period Tuition and Fees in INR
Masters in Business Administration 2yrs AVG INR 50 LPA
Masters in Science 2yrs AVG INR 35 LPA
Masters in Management 2yrs AVG INR 95 LPA
Masters in Arts 2yrs AVG INR 40 LPA
Masters in Other Courses approx 1 – 2yrs AVG INR 40 L


Stanford University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Stanford University Courses Period Tuition and Fees in INR
Bachelor in Business Administration  48 months AVG INR 30-40 LPA
Bachelor in Economics/ Technology 48 months AVG INR 30-40 LPA
Bachelor in Science  48 months AVG INR 30-40 LPA
Other UG Courses  12-60 months AVG INR 35 LPA

The Master’s in Computer Science period of duration about 2yrs, a full time offered Stanford University Masters in Computer Science (CS) Course. The Stanford MS Cs fee is approximately INR 20,00,000 LPA. An average salary that could be achieved after completion of the course is approximately a $100,000 package.


Stanford University Scholarship

There are several types of based scholarships available at Stanford University, which are as follows:

  • Stanford GSB Need-Based Fellowship: this specific Stanford University scholarship is only for MBA Students who are provided with the demonstrated financial needs by the students, the amount could be more than $40,000 granted.
  • Stanford GSB Bold Fellows Fund: The BOLD full form is the Building of Opportunities for Leadership Diversity, specifically emphasizing Stanford’s Diversification.
  • Stanford Knight – Hennessy Scholars Program: This is the most received scholarship program at Stanford University. The student receives this scholarship when participating in the experiential learning of leadership.

The Cost of Study & Living in the USA, is costly one requires to know the prices and expenses, below given table is to give an idea:

Items in DLR
Housing $2,258
Food $677
Daily Life $100
Clothing $177
Total Average Cost $3,212


Stanford Financial Aid International Students

Does Stanford Offer Scholarships to International Students? As the above mentioned table, the University offers financial aid to deserving candidates to afford a normal lifestyle, according to data an average of 500 or more than 600 students receive financial aid annually at Stanford. Almost 80% of students graduate debt-free with Stanford University Degrees. And 18% are international students among them.


Stanford University Admission Process & Eligibility Criteria

The Process involves a lot of documentation and exceptional credibility criteria. Its admission criteria for the acceptance rate of 4% make it really difficult to pass through. The admissions process starts in Fall, Spring, and Winter seasons.

The eligibility criteria are that an international student needs to complete a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university same as for Indian Students, and hold any degree-related requirement like a science background with a high GPA score of 5.0 scale. But for Indian students as well as international students, the IELTS/TOEFL score is mandatory.


Required Document for Stanford University

  1. Online Application Form from the official website of Stanford University.
  2. Application fees according to the opted UG and PG courses, keep a xerox of the receipt at the time of admission.
  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP): this is the mandatory instrument for admission, pursuing an international course requires the SOP.
  4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR): Hold at least 4-5 xerox at the time of admission.
  5. GRE test score Original: Students need to have the GRE test score of the original.
  6. ELP score: this is the English Language Proficiency Score like IELTS, & TOEFL.
  7. Visa: Required to have the F-1 Student Visa, To get the visa the document required are as follows:
  • Declaration of financial support
  • Proof of financial support
  • Current passport
  • I-901 SEVIS fee receipt


Stanford University Placement Career & Internship Opportunities

  • Arts Internships
  • Stanford Career Education
  • FSI Student Programs (Summer Internship)
  • Public Service Fellowships and Internships
  • Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program (SULI)
  • Stanford In New York Internship Opportunities
  • General Management
  • Operational Research
  • Computing and IT
  • Investment and Retail Banking
  • Accountancy and Professional Services.


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Is Stanford University coming under the Ivy League?

No, Stanford University is not to come under the Ivy League.

Is Stanford University better than Harvard University?

On the course and status basic, Harvard University weightage more than Stanford University. And It is one of the colleges which comes in the Ivy League.

What is the highest package of Stanford University?

The highest package at Stanford University offered is $400,000 LPA. It may vary due to economic conditions and market behavior.

Can someone study for free at Stanford University?

Yes, But with a 100% scholarship. Then, someone can study for free at Stanford University. And although this won’t come very favorably, the possibility is very low.

What is the acceptance rate at Stanford University?

The acceptance rate at Stanford University is 4%.  Thus, one should achieve higher than 4%.

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