SAT Online Prep: Maximize Your SAT 2023 Exam Scores


As soon as you hear the phrase “SAT Online Training” or “SAT Online Prep” the question that may arise in your mind is most likely this: why prepare online for a paper-pencil test?


SAT Testing Is Not New

For the uninitiated, digital administration of the SAT is nothing new. College Board has been administering SAT digitally for a long time for the school districts in the USA. Way back in 2016-17 fall and spring, more than 5,000 students in 17 school districts in the USA took the SAT online; another 5,000 students took the online version of the PSAT 8/9. And here is the latest news from College Board: “In the unlikely event that schools do not reopen this fall, College Board will provide an SAT for home use.” You may be aware that College Board is already delivering digital exams to 3 million AP students and College Board is confident that it can ensure that at-home SAT testing is simple, secure and fair, accessible to all, and valid for use in college admissions. It is, therefore, very likely that SAT may become an online test sooner than later.


Advantages of Preparing Online

Having demolished the assumption behind the doubt raised in the first sentence of this blog, let us now look at SAT Online Prep from a totally different perspective in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic. It’s often said that with every great challenge comes a great opportunity and SAT Online Prep option is certainly one such opportunity. With schools and colleges all shut, every one of us under lockdown, and some of our students just attending a few hours of online classes on a few days of the week at the most, what can be a better option than an SAT Training that’s online? Add to this the advantage of more options with regard to class timing, studying from the comfort of your home, and avoiding travel time. For these last-mentioned added advantages, I will not be surprised, if students find SAT Online Training more attractive and decide not to opt for classroom courses anymore.


Manya – The Princeton Review Advantage

 It may be worth mentioning here that at Manya – The Princeton Review every care is taken to ensure that all the features of a classroom course are made available in the online version of the SAT Test Prep. All the books and practice materials are made available in soft-copy/ online, and the classes are conducted by teachers especially trained and experienced in conducting classes online. The Student Portal even provides online Live Proctoring for the best simulation of the real test. At Manya – The Princeton Review, all of the four SAT Course variants viz. SAT-Regular, SAT-Honors, SAT 1-on-1, and SAT Exclusive are now available online. “SAT Online Training” at Education is, therefore, all pros and no cons! At the same time if someone really wants to switch to classroom coaching once the lockdown is over, Manya – The Princeton Review has its Omni-channel batches that provide for a seamless transition from online to the classroom and vice versa.


Prepare Online, Practice Offline

If you still have some hesitation with regard to the appropriateness of preparing online, note that Manya – The Princeton Reviews’s SAT Prep courses come with the facility to “prepare online”, but “practice offline”. Most of the tests on the Manya – The Princeton Review’s student portal can be downloaded and you can practice offline using paper and pencil.



Just to sum it up: Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, SAT Online Training is certainly the best option available to students who want to improve their SAT scores. It will not only help aspirants to utilize the available time wisely and effectively but also prepare students for an SAT in the unforeseen event of the College Board switching over to an SAT for home use as contemplated.

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