MBA in Canada – An insight

Apart from being the holy grail of natural beauty and wonders, Canada has been one of the most popular study destinations for MBA programs. If you wish to prove yourself on a global platform, you need to hone your leadership skills, persuasive communication, analytical thinking, and decision-making capabilities and there will not be many places like Canada, one of the most lucrative ‘study-abroad destinations’ in the whole world.

Canada is becoming increasingly popular nowadays for its high-quality education, world-class institutions, special scholarships, affordable cost, and language flexibility. You will not face any language barrier in Canada, unlike Germany or France. Moreover, the student visa processes are faster than countries like the US and Germany, making it the most desirable location for international students.

MBA in Canada

If you are looking for a lucrative career in the field of the public sector, government and private industry, Canada would probably be your ultimate destination. The country not only offers an internationally-recognized degree but also extends a wide array of MBA courses such as Management, Accounting, Finance, HR, HealthCare, Operations, as well as additional courses like Organizational Management, Macroeconomics, Computer Information Systems, and Marketing Management. The curriculum has been designed to coalesce the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects. You will learn to regulate, accomplish, propose, organize, and acclimatize with everyday challenges. Be it an internal issue or a global business challenge, the university will equip you to deal with every situation.

However, the Canadian Business universities require a good GMAT score along with a minimum of 2.5 years of work experience. In order to get admission to these universities, you are required to hold a graduate degree from an affiliated university or college; while, the non-native applicants should also appear for a TOEFL exam.

The country is also offering its education at an affordable price for international students. Hence, if you have the capacity to pay 10–20 lacs per year, you should probably select Canada for your management studies. 

Top Universities for MBA in Canada:

  1. Queen’s University- Smith School of Business

If you look for an MBA in this university, you will be directed to seek your admission at Smith School of Business. Beginning in January and ending in the next January, the MBA course will stretch for a year. According to the available jobs in the market, you can choose a specialization such as consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, or joint degrees like joint MBA and JD, MBA, and Masters in Finance.

The college follows an exclusive curriculum which will foster your growth through a team-based learning system and transform you into a ‘valuable member of a high-performance team’. Besides, career coaches will help sharpen your emotional intelligence and prepare you to face varied professional challenges. The process of leveraging your strength with the help of executive coaches would definitely bring out the best leader/manager in you and would help you operate efficiently in evolving markets.

  1. University of Western Ontario-Ivey

If you are dreaming to bag a senior level position, then Ivey is the place where you should complete your MBA. It is a 12-month MBA program which would help you achieve the top ranks in lesser time. The action-oriented dynamic approach at Ivey, along with the case study method, will fortify your spirit to help you make fast decisions and remain prepared for its consequences.

  1. York University -Schulich School of Business

This university allows you to complete your first year of MBA in Hyderabad and then the second year in Toronto. It caters to providing transformational management education to the brightest pupils and welcomes students who cherish their bigger dreams in lives.

The courses are conducted by award-winning faculty members in the Hyderabad campus and the curriculum is always in sync with whatever is being taught in the Toronto campus. In the second year, you will have to fly to Toronto and choose from Schulich’s 18 MBA specializations. You are also required to take up a two-term strategic consulting project where you learn to work in a team and conduct comprehensive strategic analysis for a real organization.

  1. University of Toronto-Rotman School

Rotman School is the University of Toronto’s business school which looks for inquisitive minds and great visionaries. They actually evaluate you as an individual and intensely gauge all the factors which you have furnished in your application. If you have the power and intellect to drive the forces in an organization, then probably you are a Rotman material.

  1. McGill University- The Desautels Faculty of Management

You will be actually applying to The Desautels Faculty of Management’s MBA program under McGill University and by doing so, you will be pursuing your dream of becoming a world-class leader. This is a place where you will not only learn but also showcase your innovative acumen just as the two alumni Justin Park and Abhinav Ravi who conceived the concept ‘Self-Emotion’, and thereby, end up in setting new milestones for the business organizations and offices that operate around the world.

If you want to be a leader and reverberate with confidence, an MBA in Canada would probably be the correct choice for you. Apart from the job opportunities and a successful career, Canada is a safe haven for Indian students. The visa process is much easier compared to other countries like Australia and the tuition fees are also not too heavy on your pocket.

You can absolutely consider Canada as your study abroad destination and start planning your educational voyage for a better tomorrow.

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