Keep Calm and Learn Online – GMAT/ GRE/ SAT/ IELTS Preparation

There is always a silver lining and that applies to the currently enforced quarantine as well. There is a lot of time, a lot of time to chase your dreams. Time to work on them to make them a reality. And possibly the best time to prepare for your study abroad preparations including standardized tests like SAT/ ACT/ GRE /GMAT/ IELTS & others.


Online Learning!

Manya – The Princeton Review brings you several ways so that you can utilize your time effectively. Prepare for the test from the comfort of your home and at your pace.

You can also take guidance from experts who can help you stay on track, clarify any doubts in your preparation and identify your strengths and weaknesses in your online test prep.

Choose from a wide range of options for online prep:

  • Self-prep Online: Learn at your own pace using exclusive video lessons
  • 1:1 Online: taught by expert teachers for a class of one
  • Live Online batches: interactive online classes where you can learn from both the trainer and also your peers.


Practice for Success

In these uncertain times, set your college applications apart with a rocking test score! Our well-researched and standardized material reflects the actual exam both in terms of content and rigor.

With the adaptive drills, you can practice questions at your speed and difficulty level. The Manya – The Princeton Review student portal uses an exclusive prep algorithm that reflects the actual exam. Online tools to practice drills, track progress and explanation sessions to understand the test content will put you on the path to success.

Manya – The Princeton Review also has the largest number of exclusive and standardized full-length tests. Our interactive and customized score reports not only offer explanations but also help you identify weak areas and work on them. The tests are scored instantly and you can track progress between tests too!

If you are still in doubt about the effectiveness of our online programs – you can even try the online content for free!


A…Ace the SAT

Bored at home due to the quarantine? Ace the SAT from the comfort of your own home. This is the best time to take the first steps toward the college of your dreams. The SAT tests different skills and knowledge in its different sections. A major part of the test consists of multiple-choice questions with four answer choices. Some math questions, though, may require the student to type in the correct answers. Thus each section of the test needs a different style of preparation.

You can become familiar with the structure of the test with the practice test. To set a baseline and understand your strengths and weaknesses, start with a timed, full-length test. Manya – The Princeton Review offers a free full-length SAT practice test on its online student portal. Any test you take is scored instantly. The test reports have detailed test analysis. You can also track your score improvement and progress.

Remember, cramming in the last moment will not help you crack the SAT. Prep using the online portal at least a few times a week. Our practice drills help you review and practice the content that you found difficult. Manya – The Princeton Review has exclusive videos, drills, and techniques that have helped many students all over the world to ace the SAT. We offer the maximum number of full-length practice tests and additional practice material that are similar to the ones on the actual SAT.

SAT Student Portal

  • Complete Coursework categorized into Refresh, Learn and Practice
  • Instructional videos
  • 31 Full-length Practice Tests including 10 College Board tests
  • Online Proctoring tool
  • Detailed score report with answer and explanation for each test


B…Breeze through the GRE

Stuck at home because of the virus and wondering what to do? Do not put your dreams on hold in these times of uncertainty.

Set up a space that you will use for your studies. Tell the people that you live with, when you plan to study and ask not to be disturbed. Then all you need is the Manya – The Princeton Review student portal!

Online preparation is effective when you know your strengths and weaknesses. Take the full length of your practice test offered by us to understand the structure of the GRE and assess your level of preparedness. Our practice tests mirror the actual GRE both in content and style.

Our exclusive Drill Smart ™ technology gives personalized recommendations for practice and learning. The advanced analytics, intuitive dashboard, and interactive score reports will help you track your progress.

Building a vocabulary is made fun with our GRE WordsApp too. It has 8 different ways to learn and remember the meanings of words. Start your GRE prep now!

GRE Student Dashboard

  • 184 hours of online resources available
  • 8 full-length tests
  • Topic-wise Practice Drills
  • 470+ Drills of various difficulty levels
  • Drill Smart ™ for calibration and effective utilization of time
  • Vocabulary builder add on, for a fun and effective way to learn words


C…Crack the GMAT

Whether you’re a working professional or a hardworking student – the online GMAT program will help you crack the GMAT! You can work at your own pace or choose a live, online class too! The time, energy and effort of the commute are saved when you prepare using our online resources.

Our long experience with test prep has contributed to creating unique online tools that were created keeping the test taker in mind. The exclusive prep algorithm, interactive and detailed score reports and rigor of the content can help you reach a 700+ score!

Manya – The Princeton Review GMAT online student portal has a sophisticated user interface and standardized content. You can attempt timed, proctored exams or choose to do practice drills. Our online program had hundreds of high-quality videos (both long videos that explain the concept and quick review videos), thousands of practice questions, and 10 full-length tests that are similar to the actual GMAT. You can study at your own pace and in case any guidance is needed, the help is not far. You can get thorough guidance from your trainer and interact with them to work on your weaknesses. Our trainers are committed to helping you until even after your actual test day!

GMAT Online Resources

  • 3,000 questions
  • 10 full-length computer-adaptive simulated tests with essay grading
  • 10 IR Full Section Practice Drills
  • 83 adaptive drills
  • 100 adaptive video-based lessons
  • 91 Quick Review Lessons
  • Recordings of classes for review

Preparing for the required test is only the first step. You still need to select the right schools/programs and develop an application that connects all the points in your profile.

There is also a huge factor in planning for the financial aspects of your study abroad decision. Manya – The Princeton Review provides admissions counseling services and application editing services to help students get into top universities all over the world.

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