International Internship Program : Time to Differentiate Your Profile


“How can I prove to universities that I am as strong an expert in Economics as I claim to be?” 

“How can I take my Robotics project to the next level?” 

“How can I obtain expert support as I navigate my Psychology research paper?”


These are some of the questions, experts at Manya – The Princeton Review field on a daily basis from talented students aspiring to study abroad —students with passion, determination, and high work ethic ­­–– yet also limitations as to the individualized academic support they can receive from their locally available opportunities and resources. While a response to these students’ questions involves obvious nuance, the most succinct answer is: an International Internship Program.

Our team of over 95 professors, lecturers, and researchers from top universities including Ivy League in the United States and United Kingdom support essentially any student interest, from Electrical Engineering to Film, from Neuroscience to Music Composition. Our goal is to fill the extracurricular gap that so many students have when it comes to proving academic strength and passion. Conducted entirely remotely through video chat and email, our two-month intensive program links world-experts in academia to students anywhere across the globe.


International Internship Program is separated into three distinct frameworks

Internship: Only possible in the atypical circumstance when student capabilities perfectly match the research a professor is currently conducting at their institution. Our students have been able to directly contribute on university research in fields such as Computer Science, Biology and Psychology.

Independent Research Project: This framework fits students who are at a high level in their primary subject and are looking to transform their advanced knowledge into tangible achievement. Students in this framework collaborate with their professor on a new research paper of the student’s choice. We support and encourage students who produce papers of adequate quality to submit these for publication to youth science or humanities journals.

Deeper Learning: The most basic of our mentorship frameworks, Deeper Learning is an opportunity for students who have a passion but have yet to have any meaningful way to pursue it. Students in this framework learn about a particular field through their one-on-one sessions with their professor and over the course of two months, the student will have built the knowledge necessary in their primary subject to apply their knowledge to future endeavors. This framework often fits students with highly distinctive academic interests such as analyzing the mid-19th century war film genre or learning to use advanced statistical modeling programs.


In addition to their completed work and two comprehensive evaluations by their professor, our students who perform at a high level and exceed the expectations of their professor are in a favorable position to earn a letter of recommendation at the culmination of their program.

While many of our students have these admissions-oriented goals in mind- it’s always at the forefront of our administrative and educational team’s minds that our students (study abroad aspirants) make exceptional gains in their mastery over a chosen academic field to support their future success in college, graduate school and beyond.


Key benefits of attending the Program

Build Your Global Profile as a Study Abroad Aspirant

Work 1:1 with a Top University Professor

100% record of getting Acceptance from Chosen Universities

Familiarize with University Level Courses

Expand & Apply Your Knowledge.


There will be a continuous 24 hour support from a dedicated program coordinator along with a mid program evaluation to monitor’s student’s progress.


Manya – The Princeton Review experts are always there to help you achieve your study abroad dream. For more information, call our Study Abroad Helpline 1800 102 4646.


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