How to Study for the GMAT?

Once you have decided to take the GMAT examinations, you should prepare yourself and ensure that you are able to showcase the best of your skillset and reflect your seriousness about business school. Pursuing for a graduate business degree is a worthwhile experience and preparing for the GMAT exam is an integral part of that process. In this article, you will get to know about the ways and means to understand the topics and achieve the best results.

The GMAT is a standard yet flexible test that can be attempted five times in one year. But it is critical to remember that B-Schools need much more from the applicants than a GMAT score.  To get a high score, you need to complete the following:

  • Complete an online application.
  • Provide reference letters from current and previous employers.
  • Provide documentation and essays as required.

The process becomes a little more complicated as students usually apply to four or five B-Schools. Deadlines are often overlapping and the effort for completing the application is as much as preparing and appearing for the GMAT exams. It is here that Manya – The Princeton Review plays a critical role at this juncture as it provides ample learning opportunities to take the exam successfully.

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Points to Keep in Mind While Preparing for the GMAT

Decide When You Plan to Attend the Program

If you’re planning to attend the graduate program in the near future, then the preparations need to start immediately. Your test scores are valid for a specific time only and therefore you should know when you want to enroll in the program.


Eligibility for GMAT

To be eligible for the GMAT exam, you need to satisfy the following criteria: you must be at least 18 years old; you have not appeared more than five times in 12 months for the exam; you have waited for at least five years to reappear for the exam; you must be eligible for a graduate school to be accepted into a program.


GMAT Registration

You may do an online registration at mba.com, over the phone (call 1-800-717-GMAT(4628) in the US and Canada and pay a $10 service fee. You may register via email – print and complete the mail-in form on mba.com and by fax (send it to either 1-952-681-3680 or 1-952-681-3681). You can register up to six months before the test date. You may register at least two months before the test date to make sure that the registration request is completed on time.


GMAT Preparation

Start preparing for the GMAT exam at least six months before the test. Study and review one section at a time. You need to practice basic math skills. You need to practice pacing and learn to deal with questions in the Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal, and Quantitative Reasoning parts. The key to being successful in the exam is to know your own skill level and knowledge. You will need to know about the exact areas which need more attention. You can also take the online GMAT practice tests and know about the GMAT exam pattern. This will give the true picture of how much and how well you have prepared.


Remember to Always Use the Official GMAC Books

The official GMAC books are specifically designed to meet the requirements for all levels of students beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Remember that the quality of the preparation is important and not the quantity. Set the foundations right, practice the various time-saving techniques, and devise methods to score higher in the AWA and Verbal sections of the GMAT exam. You might also like to combine classroom and self-study methods for achieving the best results.


Key to a Successful GMAT Examination

A key to a successful GMAT examination is by taking a large number of GMAT practice tests and attempting GMAT sample questions. You can start with a list of Free GMAT Practice Test Resources. If you feel that you would need even more practice then you should buy the material and start studying them as well. This should be in addition to the other material that you were studying previously.


Never Forget to Review the Answers

If you rush through the practice tests and questions and do not review the answers, then you will never know where you had gone wrong. Your preparation would not be foolproof as knowing your mistakes would ensure that you do not repeat them.


Calm the Brain

Relaxing will calm the brain the night before the exam. Sleep well for the entire night. A good way is to avoid using a cell phone or tablet. Relax with soothing music and try to sleep. Keep away from the glare of gadgets so that your mind is at rest. Set an alarm to get up. This would ensure that you are not late in reaching the exam center. Being calm and composed would help you in dealing with the GMAT exam

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