How To Plan MS In Mechanical Engineering Germany

Germany1Germany has become one of the preferred study destinations for International students as it is one of the largest economy and most populous country in Europe. German Education System has internationally accepted degrees. It is politically safe and welcoming country.

MS in Mechanical Engineering is one of the emerging and most competitive degree in Germany. In the past couple of years, Students have been diverted towards mechanical engineering or related programs in Germany.  German universities offer an economically viable option of studies for international students at the same time having a very specialized course in mechanics.

Germany is Europe’s most industrialized nations, boasting major players in industries like automobile manufacturing, machinery, precision equipment, heavy automotive, technology, e.g. BMW and Volkswagen Group, Universities do offer very specialized courses which are industry oriented like Automotive Engineering, Production Engineering, Mechatronics.

Programs are offered as research focused and Industry Oriented.  The Term “Technical University” is known as researchresearch University and “ applied Sciences” Universities are known for their Industry focused program.

With high Quality of Education, it comes with a lucrative option for a post-study work visa. A Student studying full-time in Germany is legally allowed to work a maximum of 120 full (or 240 halves) days within a year, without having to obtain a permit from German employment authorities.

German Regulations state: Students are allowed to work up to 120 days a year in a part-time job during their course of study. Graduates are allowed 18 months to search for employment.

This is why Germany has become a tempting destination for Mechanical Engineering.

Since German Universities have very limited seat availability and hardly charge in tuition fees, they receive a huge pool of application Increasing number of students have also increased the competition level there. Also, even if your course is taught in English, you still require a good knowledge of the language as communications outside of class will be in German.

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