How to Write a Successful Motivation Letter for your Masters Abroad

Motivation letters provide the student an opportunity to delve into ‘the motivation behind his/her pursuit of master’s study abroad’ to the fullest extent, giving personal instances to strengthen his/her admits. Why a student wants to take up master’s study abroad and specifically in the particular institution is what any university desires to know. Motivation letter showcases the student’s interests and intent for study.

Motivation letters are more personal documents than the technical statements of purpose. They are,therefore, more focused on the student’s desire for higher studies and on detailed and intricate skills and knowledge which he/she wishes to grow in his/her field. The document should start with the student’s interest in the field and desire for master’s study. Followed by, the student’s prior experiences in the field, academic and practical achievements that serve as strong supporting points to his/her reasons for master’s study. Where does the student lack, what does the student wish to learn and develop in, and how will the student use the gained knowledge and experience in the future, form the major content of the document.

Focus on the varied facilities, opportunities, faculty members, curriculum and the study and living environment of the country and the university also play a vital role in the document. Also, the contribution of all these to the student’s career advancement and development post-study, from the latter part of the document.

An important tip: Even while writing about the technical and academic experience of the student in the document, though every event can talk about the student’s learning and gaining, it can also be backed up by what the student missed learning, and how he/she wishes to bridge the gap and advance his knowledge and skill to make the document crisper.

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