How to Identify Reliable Overseas Education Consultants


Are you super-duper excited about applying for overseas education? Congratulations! You have then arrived at the right place.

How do you intend to oversee your entire process of applying abroad? If you are thinking of doing everything singlehandedly, please be aware that it is a complex and cumbersome process. Doing it all alone without any expert guidance may make you feel lost in the woods. Applying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime decision; you must put your best foot forward and avoid making any impulsive decisions.

Who do you need to rely on for expert advice? It is a reliable overseas education consultant. Now, the next dilemma you would face is: How Do I Identify Reliable Overseas Education Consultants? You need not fret anymore. We are here to guide you to choose the most reliable overseas education consultant. Read on!

A reputed overseas education consultant will educate, mentor, assist and support you in your entire study abroad application journey. Here are a few tips on how you can shortlist the most reliable overseas education consultant.


1. Be Aware of Your Requirements


The initial step is to identify your own needs – what you want and what you expect out of the entire process. You need to first answer the following questions in your mind:

  • Type of course/program that you intend to take up?
  • Do you have any destination/country preferences?
  • What is your financial budget? Do you have any budgetary limitations and are you seeking financial assistance?

If case you are clear about these aspects, well and good! In case you are not, don’t worry. You can discover your interests in due course.


2. Shortlist a Few Overseas Education Consultants and Do a Thorough Background Research


To start with, you could shortlist a handful of overseas education consultants via a google search. In addition, you can try and find a few via your network. After you have identified a few, you need to execute a thorough background check. A lot of education consultants are transparent and visible enough via their website. You can ignore the ones which are not visible enough; it is risky and not recommended.

So, what kind of facts do you need to ascertain about every overseas education consultant? You can find out a few by going through the consultancy’s website thoroughly:

  • When was the consultancy started?
  • Where does it stand in the market?
  • What is the team’s expertise? How credible are the team members?
  • Read success and placement stories.

While background search is not the sole factor but carrying out this step will help you immensely. It will help you move ahead to the next steps confidently.


3. Read the Testimonials, Reviews and the Social Media Pages


Testimonials and positive reviews are essential and reveal the success and feedback of customers. At the same time, create a negative image just because you saw a bad review. For a particular consultant, if you find multiple good reviews, much more than any negative review, then it might be a good consultancy.

Also, reviewing the social media handles such as Twitter & Facebook sometimes reveals a great deal about the consultant’s actual work and reputation in the market. You must do all your homework before finalising on any one consultant.


4. Connect With Them and Ask Questions to Assess Their Expertise


While it is good to know all vital information available digitally, still you should not take all data/info for granted. After all, applying abroad is the most important journey of your life. If you want the best consultant, you need to connect with each one of the shortlisted consultants and ask all relevant questions. You will get an insight into its expertise in the study abroad domain by the responses.

You will be able to ascertain a consultancy’s behaviour based on how it responds to your queries and doubts. It should be able to clear your related doubts. Be meticulous in knowing its actual track record of placing students in reputed universities worldwide; ask every detail of the service offered – from start to finish. The quality of its response and its promptness in responding will reveal a great deal about the consultancy’s true worth. It is not a bad idea to ask about the charges so that you can assess whether it is worth the offerings. If you feel comfortable and less stressed, you have found the ideal consultant.

5. Transparency is the Key


Transparency is the first quality of a reliable overseas education consultant. For example, if you notice a negative review for a consultant despite several good testimonials. It does not necessarily mean the consultancy is not good. It could also mean it is transparent. A good consultancy will always adopt an open and transparent approach – while it will listen to your needs, correct you wherever needed and will prevent you from making wrong decisions. A transparent consultant will not make false promises in terms of admissions guarantee and assured scholarships. It will share the actual picture and do whatever is best and feasible.


6. Seek Inputs From Friends, Family and Professionals in Your Network


It is good to seek suggestions from friends, family and professionals in your network to find a good consultancy. In this case, you would not have to undergo the trials associated with finding a good consultancy. Although, there is a great deal of comfort associated with relying on suggestions. You must still do your homework. The formula is simple -keep your eyes open and after knowing everything about the consultant, make a wise and independent decision.

A perfect overseas education consultant is not a myth; you can find one. Your study abroad application process will be seamless if you manage to find the right consultant!

We hope this article makes you feel at ease about adopting a structured approach to finding a good consultant. If you are still feeling confused, please get in touch with Manya – The Princeton Review; we will be happy to guide you in the right direction. It is the right time to begin your search. Do not miss the bus!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What questions can you ask a foreign education consultant?

The few questions you should ask are:

  • How much will my course (MS abroad/MBA abroad/UG abroad/Ph.D abroad) cost?
  • Am I eligible to apply to my desired program?
  • Are the universities I am targeting accredited?
  • What are the requirements that I need to fulfill?
  • What kind of scholarship options are available?
  • How exactly are you going to assist with your services?

Q2. What are the qualities of a top admissions consultant?

A good admissions consultant:

  • Attends to the needs and requirements of students
  • Is transparent in its approach and information revealed on its website
  • Enjoys good feedback and reviews
  • Has proven success stories – admissions and scholarships
  • Does not make fake promises
  • Is compassionate towards your struggles & doubts and gives you pertinent advice

Q3. How much do abroad education consultants charge?

Each consultant charges differently – depending on the expertise available in the team and the spectrum of services provided.

Q4. How do I verify the credibility of a foreign education consultant?

Go through its website to find out the study abroad counseling services it provides, placement information, and the expertise of the team. Check the Google Reviews. Also, must check its social media handles to find out the quality of information published.


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