Why Study Abroad Aspirants Must Attend the Global Education Fair?


Once you have decided to pursue your higher education at an international university, before spending your time, money, and other important resources, it is imperative to be well educated.

Global Education Fairs are a portal to the world and create a lot of knowledge about current topics and potential streams. Needless to say, factors such as program validity and reach, funding, job opportunities, and growth prospects, etc., play a determining role when deciding on a particular program and a specific university. Hence, attending a Virtual Overseas Education Fair is the first critical step in the process of moving abroad for higher studies.

These fairs bring together a variety of universities under one platform. It is an open opportunity to discuss your case with university representative one-on-one, as well as an opportunity to engage freely. These fairs provide a forum for you to explore your study options, clarify your uncertainties about admission requirements, obtain information on scholarships, the application procedure, and accommodation, and plenty of other things.

Let us look at the most compelling reasons for attending education fairs:-


1. Course Selection


University representatives can assist you in learning more about your course options at their respective universities. They may also provide you with thorough information regarding internships, work placements, course structure, accreditations, and other factors to assist you to choose the best degree and university. Representatives at an international education fairs help you get complete guidance on various courses available in different universities.


2. Entry Requirements


These fairs assist you in determining your eligibility for the respective universities. You will be able to clarify whether any of your academic breaks, failing history, or other factors will have an impact on your applications. If you appear to be a promising student, some universities will make a note of your application and transmit it to the relevant faculty for consideration.


3. Scholarship Opportunities


One of the most significant benefits of attending an international education fair is this. You can get information on a variety of scholarships and funding opportunities from participating universities – all in one spot! So, you can learn about the requirements, dates, and how to apply right there.


4. Support and Guidance


In study abroad fairs, before going ahead with your application process, you can get detailed counselling from the university representatives. You can clarify your queries regarding student visas, funding, work permits, and other criteria and requirements for eligibility. You can seek guidance directly from the admission officers regarding the course, college, and country during round table panel discussions. You can even get the information required by international universities on IELTS, GRE, SAT, TOEFL scores. By timely seeking support to improve your scores, it will help you to solidify your preparations and get an edge over others.

5. Application Process


To say that an impressive application stands out and is likely to receive an offer from renowned universities would not be an exaggeration. Your application plays a key role in receiving acceptance from your target universities and increases the possibility for funding to be received. The best way to find the exact requirements of universities is by attending the Virtual International Education Fairs. You can gain insightful information on the application process through discussions with admission counsellors and experts and can increase your exposure by preparing an excellent application.


6. Visa Assistance


Industry experts and professionals will also provide you with information on Visa processes and requirements. They will walk you through what is advantageous and what you should avoid if you need your visa processed. You will also have the opportunity to connect with alumni and students who are already studying at universities overseas. This will also assist you in learning the perspectives of the “other side.”


7. Networking


It is an added benefit of attending study abroad fairs. You not only get to meet admission staff, employers but also peers who will be attending these fairs as college representatives. It’s a great opportunity to get unmediated access to program knowledge, job opportunities, college environment, facilities, etc.

These are the substantial benefits that you could reap while relaxing on your living room couch because the fair will be virtual and you won’t have to travel to the venue in the blistering sun or torrential rains; you can get all of this on a single platform that will help you lay the groundwork for your future dreams.




Ques.1 Why Education Fair is important?

Ans. Prospective students have the option to meet University representatives during educational fairs. A fair is a fair of many applicants where the primary topic of conversation is education, either undergraduate or graduate.

Ques.2 Do education fairs offer admission?

Ans. Yes. One of the advantages of the Education Fair is that it allows you to meet officials from prominent universities. You can receive individual counselling, a profile analysis, and answers to all of your questions about visas, university policies, post-study work rights, career opportunities, standardised examinations, and admissions standards. Manya – The Princeton Review is hosting an Education Fair, and you may register for free.

Ques.3 Are world educational fairs in India beneficial?

Ans. Yes, World Education Fairs in India are beneficial.
The benefit of the Education Fair is that it provides you with an opportunity to meet the top universities’ representatives. You can get personalized counseling, profile analysis, answers to all your queries related to visas, latest policies & university updates, post-study work rights, job opportunities, standardized tests & admissions requirements. If you are looking to study abroad to realize your dream of quality and fruitful overseas education that will propel your career in the right direction, you can visit Manya – The Princeton Review and register for free.

Ques.4 What happens in a world education fair?

Ans. It is an open opportunity to speak with a university representative one-on-one about your situation and to converse freely. In brief, attending an international education event allows you to acquire information directly from university officials and gain a better understanding of your academic interests.

Ques.5 Do consultants really help students to study abroad?

Consultants can be really helpful if you’re planning to apply to a not-notch university abroad. First of all, there are a lot of things that students do not know before applying for a University abroad (like profile building, SOPs, Essays, etc.), in situations like that, admission consultants can really come in handy since they can help you with your essay editing, profile building, Visas, etc. Plus, they help you aim realistically so you don’t get disappointed (which is what happens when you aim higher than your profile competence). So I would definitely recommend you to consult an admissions consultant so you know what you’re doing before you apply anywhere.


Find Your Dream University

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