How Studying in US Improves Your Career Prospects

How Studying in US Improves Your Career Prospects

Planning a Master’s degree from a US university is popular among the Indian students as it maximises your chances of getting placed in an MNC. The degree is valued not only in India but is recognized all over the world as it gives you a wider choice to choose your subject of specialization. If you are applying for a master’s degree in India you will not have an opportunity to choose between such a wide range of subjects. Also, the kind of actual research work you will experience in US is not possible here. Hence, it is essential to utilise this Master’s program from the USA to build your set of pragmatic skills and problem-solving acumen.

How will you groom as a student:

 The center of campus life in US universities is its library. The librarians over there are highly qualified and are ready to give expert guidance to the student such as which reference book they should take, what are other resources available. If you are in a search of any particular book you can simply refer to the library catalog from their online database. You will find the students and professors discussing concepts, new cutting-edge technologies, and their ongoing as well as proposed projects. Such kind of induced learning will prepare you to work in a corporate ambiance where individual contribution is highly valued.

You will be more encouraged to work in a team while studying at a US university. You will get to augment your cross-cultural competencies and this will help you to enhance your interpersonal skills and will help you to work comfortably in the US companies.

Knowing about the H1B Visa:

If you are planning to study in the US it is suggested that you must apply for an H1-B visa from the US government. However, as you cannot apply for the US working visa independently, please seek the advice of your employer to apply for the same. Check out this blog to know more about the H1B visa.

Facts you must know before applying to Jobs in US

You really can’t rely upon campus placement as the US companies prefer to employ US citizens or green cardholders. Thus, it is advised to start building a good network during your graduate days and also stay in touch with the alumni. A good reference letter from your professors can also help you in getting a good job in the US companies. Also, the internship program which is a part of your MS degree can sometimes help you in getting a job in the same company. The Optional Practical Training (OPT), a program offered by the US government is for a period of three months, therefore, if you are willing to work in US, you can start your search during this time.

Planning Ph.D. after MS

If you are planning for a Ph.D., then MS in the US would probably be your first step. If you wish to take up a research-centric job after MS then this is a dream opportunity for you. The brand value of the US universities will help you to gain entry to top-class doctoral degrees. However, if you start networking with your professors of the MS program, it will undoubtedly benefit in your Ph.D.

Getting education in the US environment prepares you to meet the challenges of a professional life. You will not only be getting high CTC if you graduate from a US university, however, you will have a better quality of life abroad and great job prospects.

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