How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The GRE?

Your GRE Preparation depends on two things first, what are your target score and which grad school you are targeting? These two factors are really important and you must focus on before starting your GRE Preparation. You need to know how much you have to score to get admission to your top preferred grad school. Knowing your target score will help you know how much and for how long you need to prepare for the GRE.

Step 1: How Long Should I Study for the GRE?

How much time you should be spending on your GRE preparation? Should you spend three hours or three months prepping? How long should you study for the GRE? Surely, to achieve a good GRE score you need to study harder. Read below tips and tricks to help you achieve your desired score.

Step 2: Target score v/s diagnostic score

At Manya-The Princeton Review, we always say that the difference between one’s target score and one’s diagnostic score is equal to the target-score magnitude of the effort one needs to put in the GRE.

One may take time to learn the basics of Mathematics if one is not at all familiar with them—perhaps sixty to eighty hours. On the other hand, if it’s just a matter of brushing up on those basics, it may not even take twenty hours. However, we don’t suggest skipping of revision at all.

Step 3: Your knowledge of vocabulary

It will perhaps take one a little more time to be at an acceptable standard if one doesn’t have a good vocabulary. Not everyone can spend more than a couple of hours every day on vocabulary, and in that case, its strengthening may take about three to six months at a rough sketch. Nevertheless, even if one is already good at that section, one must keep oneself improving until the test.

Your knowledge of basic English

Apart from an exceptional vocabulary, to perform well in the GRE verbal section, one also needs to have a good command over basic English, reading, reasoning, grammar, and syntax. One should spend as much time as possible to develop reading skills, and ten to twenty hours, to hone one’s reasoning skills and to improve grammar and syntax.

What else?

One needs to spend extra time to get familiar with the structure, the types of questions, and the scoring-algorithms of the GRE. It is a must to practice with authentic, GRE materials. One must go through practice drills and full-length tests, reviewing one’s performance during the practice, continuously monitoring one’s improvement. That is the only way to improve test scores, and all that usually takes only about two to three months if one spends about forty to fifty hours every month.


Some of you may need to study for months and some of you may wish to start prepping just a few days before your actual test date. Once you find out how much you need to score to get into the grad school of your choice it becomes easy to plan and prepare.  After figuring out average GRE scores for the schools you’re interested in and taking a practice exam, you’ll know how many points you’ll need to improve in order to meet your goal scores.

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