5 GRE Preparation Tips from Top Scorers


Attention Undergrad students!! You must be in your third or fourth year and a lot of questions must be coming up in your head about “What next?”

Well, to keep the streak of higher studies on, start off with the Graduate Record Examination!! After all, you need to take the dive to know the depth! What’s more, you can be done with your studies after your Masters and sit back to enjoy the returns with a FAT job at hand.

So, now that I have set the stage, let’s know what the GRE is all about. What do you know about the GRE test? Not to worry… no technical stuff or abstruse knowledge is required to ace the test, yet a challenging one, especially with time!

The GRE is a standardized test towards making it to a Graduate school, including even business or law! Career options as many await once you have the desired score.

The GRE test overview- An almost 4 hour test comprising three sections:

The Analytical Writing- tests your analytical skills with 2 essays.

The Verbal Reasoning- tests your comprehension skills mainly via passages and sentences and of course tests your Vocab Power.

The Quant Reasoning- tests your basic elementary knowledge of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry through problem solving and interpretation of Quantitative concepts. The GRE score is on a range of 260-340 with the Verbal and Quant sections each scored on a range of 130-170. This scoring range comes of only 40 questions each on Verbal and Math and you just have 60 and 70 minutes for the 40 daunting questions each in Verbal and Quant sections respectively!

Listed below are the 5 major tips to make your GRE preparation a successful venture!


Always Commence with a Test to diagnose your current skills


The Educational Testing Services, who happen to be the test makers, do provide 2 free power prep tests, which reflect the actual GRE test questions. You should begin with taking one of these tests to assess your eligibility and then decide on how to go ahead with taking the challenge. This diagnostic score will gauge your target score regarding which universities you’d want to apply to. Each school program has a desired score, so do the necessary research to understand your requirement to a program and the desired score becomes your target score to attain.


Where do I Stand? What Did My Performance Say?


An analysis of your diagnostic test performance will help know and decide whether you can prep yourself or is a GRE online coaching or some GRE course the way out.

Have you understood the test format totally is a question you should ask yourself? The GRE test is a section adaptive test and allows you to navigate through the 20 questions in a section. You get a mix of easy, medium, and hard levels of questions. Your aim should be to get the maximum number of answers correct. You get your scores from 2 sections each of Verbal and Quantitative reasoning. Two criteria decide your final score:

– the number of questions you answered correctly in both the sections

– the average difficulty level you reached in the correct answers on the whole.


Weighing the above and comparing your performance to your desired score is significant on your decision to self prepare or join GRE classes.

A GRE course at Manya, the Princeton Review caters to your need with a number of Course variants to choose from.

Certainly, to join a GRE course or GRE online prep is recommended rather than to get bewildered with self-monitored preparation. GRE Test Series is also available for students who want to practice tests before their actual exam.

Channelize Your Prep with Specific Focus Areas


The GRE score is dependent on your performance on Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. You cannot afford to compromise one for the other. Although what is tested in the Verbal and Math is only concepts from secondary to high-school grades, the mannerisms of testing, the multiple choices given under, and the time ticking by are all daunting enough to get cautioned for focused preparation.

As far as Math is concerned, it is good that you revise formulae, theorems, and number systems, probability, and statistics concepts. Your GRE course with us will then teach you strategies and techniques to solve questions using the revised concepts in the stipulated time. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly work on focus areas.

Similarly, on the Verbal, your skill to comprehend sentences and passages is what is tested most. Spend time on reading articles, quality magazines or newspaper editorials, and other challenging reads just to familiarize yourself with the English language enough to be able to get a summary of what is discussed. Here, special focus on building on your vocabulary is mandatory. The Manya WordsApp is all out to get you prepared with GRE words and combat the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions on the GRE and is a catalyst in your GRE preparation.


Taking Multiple Practice Tests is Key


All that has been learned during the course has to be implemented upon and the best way to do this is by taking as many practice tests as possible. Manya The Princeton Review gives you GRE study materials that include 8 simulated full length practice tests in a student portal that come within the course kit and what’s more, you get a score too on the submit button! Never did PRACTICE get more motivating than this. Every test taken and analyzed would give you a way to discern.

  • What went right
  • What went wrong
  • Which section did you not make it up to expectations
  • Which question types in that section gave you the most trouble
  • Were all mistakes avoidable
  • Were some testing concepts that you still needed to work on
  • Was TIME the culprit
  • Were you able to work on all the questions
  • Should you be WORKING on all questions
  • Did you do justice to the strategies and techniques taught
  • Was the length of the test exhausting you

Look at what a careful and meticulous analysis of each test taken can do towards a more focused and methodical preparation and how ultimately all of this contributes to your desired score!


The Error Log Tells You to Work Smarter, not Harder


This is the most important of all in your GRE preparation. For every test that you take, maintain an error log to locate which of the above listed caused you to lose points. The mistakes which happened because you didn’t know the concepts behind them are those that must have consumed a lot of your time. Now, when you come to the actual test taking, you WILL face such questions that are made to KILL your confidence. Keep your cool and work smarter at this time, not steam yourself up to a point where it costs you the winning of points in other questions to come.

Maintaining calm and composure at such grueling times has to be cultivated over the course of the practice tests.

ETS – after all, the test maker’s job is to make the test as difficult, tricky, and daunting as possible.

Our practice has to reach a zenith where we are able to beat the Test makers in their own game. Find the smarter way. This certainly does NOT mean that you are yielding to circumstances. This just speaks of your smart and quick thinking that will not lead you to ruin your steady performance in tests and will be a morale booster at the end!

Wishing you the best in your GRE preparation!


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