Best GRE Books to Refer During your Preparation


The first big step towards GRE preparation is to look for good GRE books that will help you prepare well to score high in the GRE test. With so many prep books out there, it can become difficult to choose one, best suited to your needs. There are plenty of books out there and new ones are being published every day. So, how will you know which ones will help you to not just crack, but score high in your GRE test? Before deciding, ask yourself what should I look for in a GRE prep book?


The Following Points Should Help you Spot the Best GRE Prep Book. It Should Have:

  • Full-length GRE practice tests that are close to the actual GRE test
  • It should be easy for the reader to find the answer key
  • A good GRE prep book will always have an explanation for problems. Just cracking the problem will never be enough. Knowing how it is solved will add to your knowledge
  • It should cover other important aspects such as time management, tips, and techniques to prepare well, a summary of important points, and so forth


Here are the Best 5 GRE Books to Refer to During your Test Preparation:

Cracking the GRE Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2019 by Princeton Review

The book by Princeton Review is a user-friendly one that has a structured approach to it. It is ideal for those who want to get an overall idea of how to prepare for the GRE test. Designed by experienced instructors, this GRE prep book is an excellent resource for learning techniques and strategies to apply while preparing for and taking the GRE test.

The book is divided into five sections: 

  • General Strategy
  • Verbal Section
  • Quantitative Section
  • Analytical Writing
  • Practice Tests

The drills given in the book particularly make up for good test practice in math and reading comprehension passages.

Scoring high on vocabulary is a vital strategy to deploy while aiming for a high GRE test score. In this regard, this book scores big. Elaboration of verbal techniques, detailed answers to the reading comprehensions make this book a good resource. The vocabulary list with definitions and sample sentences shared are comprehensive enough to prepare an aspirant for complex GRE test words.

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ETS Official GRE Guide

Coming from the official test makers of the GRE test, this GRE prep book is an essential resource to have. Being an official source it familiarises one with the GRE test structure, question types, and patterns. The range of topics covered is extensive that will help aspirants solve complicated answers. A list of essay responses prepares one thoroughly for the actual GRE test and the computer test can help one know exactly how much time is required per question.

The book is organized into the following major sections:

Each section starts with an overview, explains the types of questions to expect, and shares tips and tricks to solve the set of problems given. The test-taking strategies given in the guide add immense value to its content.


Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

A set of 8 GRE prep books focus on every aspect of the GRE test. The set is suitable for those who require in-depth preparation for the test. The curriculum covered in the 8 Manhattan GRE Strategy Guides are divided into 5 quantitative and 3 verbal parts. They cover the following topics:

  • Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
  • Geometry and Algebra
  • Number Properties, Quantitative Comparisons & Data Interpretation
  • Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension & Essays
  • Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence

All the sections are clearly outlined and are designed to help aspirants’ master concepts by breaking them down into smaller parts that also help retain complex information better. At the end of each chapter and the book, the multiple set questions help students test the concepts they have learned. The books are a great resource for getting the basics refreshed especially for math.

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5 lb. Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Problems

High-quality content makes this one of the best GRE prep books available in the market. Covering all aspects of GRE prep, it contains over 2000 practice problems (latest edition) across 29 chapters.

The topics covered in the book are thorough and detailed which makes it easier for the test taker to deep-dive into the areas that require more attention. Comprehensive explanations on the answer choices include why a particular option is correct or incorrect.

The Quant section is organized chapter wise for each topic. It has plenty of problems to practice and has detailed solutions given, that also emphasis on the desired thought process that will guide the aspirant to the right answers.

In the book mixed time sets under time conditions to practice, and reviewing the results, are part of the time-pressure skills-building strategy. The new math cheat sheet is a great resource to refresh forgotten formulas and rules.


Essential Words for the GRE (Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE)

The vocabulary section remains the toughest one to crack in the GRE test. In order to score high, an advanced level of vocabulary is required. Additionally, an ability to analyze essential word roots increases the understanding of GRE vocabulary and language in general.

Barron’s essential words for the GRE have a compilation of an extensive working vocabulary and get into word roots analysis in detail. It has 800 graduate-level most commonly used words in the GRE test. The book also suggests study plans to build a strong vocabulary, highlighting 300 high-frequency GRE words and common suffixes for different difficulty levels.

Breaking down the vocabulary list into 10-word units, a variety of short reinforcing tests, flashcards, and comprehensive sentence-completion exercises all put together to make this a must-have GRE prep.

Gre prep will vary by person depending on their preferred learning style. We have thus shared the 5 best GRE prep books for one to choose from. Regardless of the targeted score or plan, these GRE prep books will help one meet varied academic requirements.

Besides this, several test prep institutes such as Manya – The Princeton Review have their own books that cover GRE prep topics end to end. So wait for no further and get started with the right GRE prep book to get to the college of your choice.


What’s Next?

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