Best GRE Books to Refer During Your GRE Preparation


The first big step towards GRE preparation is to look for good GRE books that will help you prepare well to score high in the GRE test. With so many best GRE prep books out there, it can become difficult to choose one, best suited to your needs.

There are plenty of books to improve vocabulary for GRE out there and new ones are being published every day. So, how will you know which ones will help you to not just crack, but score high in your GRE test? Before deciding, ask yourself what should I look for in a GRE prep book?

The Following Points Should Help you Spot the Best GRE Prep Book. It Should Have:

  • Full-length GRE practice tests that are close to the actual GRE test
  • It should be easy for the reader to find the answer key
  • A good GRE prep book will always have an explanation for problems. Just cracking the problem will never be enough. Knowing how it is solved will add to your knowledge
  • It should cover other important aspects such as time management, tips, and techniques to prepare for GRE Exam well, a summary of important points, and so forth


5 Best GRE Books to Refer to During Your GRE Preparation


The Princeton Review Best GRE Preparation Books

The Princeton Review GRE Prep, one of the best GRE prep test books available, will help you fully prepare for the exam. The Princeton Review’s GRE prep book has been updated with new online GRE practice test questions, extensive topic reviews, and four full-length practice tests. You will also receive $100 toward an online GRE course presented by the experts at the Princeton Review when you purchase this prep book.

This Prep Book is Packed With

  • Advice on how to prepare for the GRE and improve your score.
  • Learn how to pace yourself while making the most of your time.
  • Improve your knowledge of GRE content areas, with powerful strategies and
    detailed examples of how to approach all question types.
  • Review of each section of the GRE exam.
  • Practice sections on GRE reading comprehension.
  • GRE math to be extremely beneficial.

The Princeton Review GRE prep book’s extensive vocabulary list and key terms are particularly impressive.

Use the drills for each GRE test section in this book as you practice to improve your GRE score. Analytical writing, verbal communication, and math are among the topics covered.

This best reading material for GRE also includes step-by-step guides, as well as two full-length practise tests in the book and two full-length practise tests online. Once you’ve finished the GRE practice tests, you’ll have access to the in-depth score reports that come with the online tests.


Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Best Book For GRE Practice Problems

With the Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book for GRE Practice Problems, you can take a load off your GRE test preparation.

This Best-Selling GRE Prep Book Comes With

  • an online course,
  • practice problems, and
  • an interactive learning platform.

This best GRE study guide contains micro drills and new mixed timed sets to help you learn how to pace yourself during the exam, as well as a handy cheat sheet of key math rules to help you improve your knowledge and quantitative skills.

The core of this 5-pound GRE study book is the 1,800 practice problems that cover every topic on the exam. Personally, this was ideal for me. I learn best by doing, so my takeaway – the more practice problems the better.

Each GRE practice question was developed by Manhattan Prep experts and allows students to further develop their understanding of the content covered on the GRE.

This GRE preparation book provides detailed explanations and answers, as well as step-by-step applications with each of the practice problems in this book.

The on-demand learning platform that accompanies this practice book provides you with even more resources to learn from your mistakes and improve your test-taking skills when preparing for the GRE.


ETS Official GRE Guide

Coming from the official test makers of the GRE test, this GRE prep book is an essential resource to have. Being an official source it familiarizes one with the GRE test structure, question types, and patterns.

The range of topics covered is extensive that will help aspirants solve complicated answers. A list of essay responses prepares one thoroughly for the actual GRE test and the computer test can help one know exactly how much time is required per question.

The Book is Organized into the following major sections:

  • Structure and content of the GRE
  • GRE Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning
  • GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
  • GRE Quantitative Reasoning, Practice Questions, and Math Review
  • GRE Practice Test 1 & GRE Practice Test 2

Each section starts with an overview, explains the types of questions to expect, and shares tips and tricks to solve the set of problems given. The test-taking strategies given in the guide add immense value to its content.


Magoosh GRE Prep

Magoosh GRE Prep is another GRE prep book to consider the best GRE study guide among all other GRE book reviews. The Magoosh prep book, created by one of the nation’s leading online test-prep companies.

This comprehensive study guide includes online access to over 1,000 practice test questions, full-length tests, hundreds of lessons, and video explanations of each question and answer.

Magoosh’s GRE prep book included statistics for each practice question, as well as a full-length practice test with an answer key and detailed explanations. It also provides some useful tips and prompts to help practice writing GRE essays.

When you choose Magoosh’s GRE prep book, you will gain even more practice with the online GRE prep video tutorials, online full-length practice tests, and customized questions.


Kaplan GRE Prep Plus

When you have the step-by-step guidance of the Kaplan GRE Prep Plus, preparing for the GRE is easier than ever. Kaplan is a test prep industry leader, and this study book is no exception. This book contains expert test-taking strategies, one-year access to the Kaplan online practice tests and lessons, giving you more study options.

One of the most useful aspects of this GRE prep book is the inclusion of five full-length online practice tests. These GRE tests are computer-based, so you can practice as if you were taking the real thing.

This best GRE prep book also contains one full-length GRE practice test within the book and over 1,700 questions with detailed explanations.

With the performance summaries provided by this best GRE prep book, you can also use the 500-question online Qbank to personalize your GRE preparation.
The GRE test study book created by Kaplan faculty with decades of experience, you get the complete package, including expert guidance and access to stress-reduction and test-taking strategies.


Improve Your Vocabulary with GRE WordsApp

If you are preparing for GRE and struggling with your Vocabulary then Manya GRE WordsApp is the ideal choice for you. Manya GRE WordsApp is a simple and efficient way to improve your vocabulary for the GRE Exam. This app will make it simple to memorize words and to improve your GRE vocabulary in bite-sized pieces.

You get around 1300+ GRE words divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced, each of which is further divided into levels for easy learning. Each word has crystal-clear meaning in simple language, pictorial representation of words, synonyms, antonyms and much more. In addition, quizzes & rewards make mastering even the toughest GRE vocabulary simple.

Download the App Now: Google Play  or  App Store


Manya – The Princeton Review Advantage

Manya – The Princeton Review offers end-to-end study abroad services encompassing admissions consulting services, test preparation, English language training, career assessment, and international internship opportunities to study abroad aspirants. Founded in 2002, Manya holds an impeccable track record of enabling more than 4 lac students to accomplish their study abroad dreams through its network of 47+ centers across India.

Manya has formed long-lasting global alliances with several market leaders in the education industry in order to maximize the benefits of its large service portfolio. Their list of esteemed partners and affiliations includes – The Princeton Review (TPR), Cambridge University Press (CUP), Cogito Hub, British Council, Tuding to name a few. Manya has also forged 600+ partnerships with international universities across top study abroad destinations.

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What are the best GRE books to prepare?

To score good marks on the GRE you must rely on standardized materials. This includes the ETS materials such as the Official Guide to the GRE General Test and the Princeton Review materials such as The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep, 2021, The Princeton Review’s 1,027 GRE Practice Questions, 5th Edition, and Cracking the GRE. If you enroll for a GRE class with Manya- TPR, you will receive a manual and other practice materials.

Where can we find the best GRE books?

A good GRE book should have the following: in-depth content, quality questions, and clear explanations. The preparation should include the Official Guide for the GRE General Test. This should be supplemented by standardized prep materials from a renowned test prep company such as the Princeton Review. These books could be purchased either from shops or online. Kindle versions of some of the books are available too.

How do I prepare for the GRE?

You can start the preparation for the GRE with a diagnostic test. This will give you a focus on where you currently stand and what the test is about. Set a target score based on your requirements. Join a prep course- either online or offline or use standardized books to prepare for the test. Learn the concepts and techniques to handle the questions on the GRE. Learn new words everyday to improve your vocabulary. Take regular tests and review them for mistakes.

Where can I get prep material for GRE?

There are a plethora of books and free online resources available, but only a few of them include content that can genuinely help you pass the GRE.

However, Manya – The Princeton Review’s GRE preparation courses include the most up-to-date, comprehensive GRE study materials, which are based on their Uber trainers’ careful analysis.

Which is the leading GRE prep book?

There are numerous GRE prep books available. What is best for one person may not be the best option for another. We discovered the following to be the most effective:

  • Best Value: Kaplan GRE Prep Plus
  • Most Comprehensive: Manhattan Prep Set of 8 GRE Strategy Guide
  • Best for Practice Tests: Princeton Review GRE Prep Book
  • Best for Score Improvement: Test Prep Books GRE Prep
  • Most Budget Friendly: Magoosh GRE Prep

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