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Time Management Tips to Improve your GMAT Preparation you ever thought of making the most of your study time? Although, we all try to do the same but at times it gets difficult to manage our time. Getting the best possible results by investing the least amount of time is what we call a smart work which is applicable to nearly every situation of life. Picking up a time to plan your priorities and a right plan to bring into action to schedule your studies can surely help you to achieve your desired score.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to make the most of your study time. Let’s have a look:

Do a little each day

It is always better to do a little homework each day than doing it all on one day! If you try to do all of your homework on your day off, at some point, you will find yourself solving the questions just for the sake of completing it and the purpose of your learning will not be fulfilled. Plus, if you don’t start your homework until a few days after your class, you may find that you’ve forgotten some of the approaches that you learned in class. If you do a little bit of homework each day, it will become easier for you to adapt the skills and techniques that can prepare you to take the GMAT.

If you start to zone out, take a break

Take_a_breakWhen you start to find yourself focusing more on just getting the answer than how to get to the answer, it’s time to take a break. If you really want to improve your GMAT score, then you need to first find out your weak areas so that steps can be taken for your improvement. You can’t get your answer right until you don’t focus on the way you are approaching the questions.

Practice the techniques

The methods that you learn in class have helped tens of thousands of GMAT students improve their scores. Some of them will seem strange at first. And, in many cases, they may seem more time-consuming. That’s normal. As you get more comfortable with the techniques, you’ll find that both your accuracy and your speed will increase.

GuessLearn to guess

All of your practice questions include explanations. It may be tempting to look at the explanation as soon as you get stuck. However, when you take the real GMAT, you won’t be able to glance at an explanation for a hint. So, before you look at the explanation, practice your elimination skills. If you can’t find the right answer, look for wrong answers to eliminate. Your teacher will help you to learn how to identify wrong answers for each type of question. Once you’ve eliminated some answers and made a guess, then it’s time to look at the explanation. Most test takers need to guess a few times when they take the GMAT. Learning how to guess effectively can give a real boost to your score.


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