GRE Express – Fast Track Course to Ace the GRE in Just 20 Days


Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many of you would have ample of time to plan your career or higher studies. Make strategic planning for your future. Is it the right time to get on a job that you deserve or time to build a strong profile by planning for higher education? When there is a global crisis then it’s time for you to improve your skills and knowledge so that you are well-equipped once the situation turns normal.

GRE is the first step for doing your master’s/Ph.D. in abroad. Many of you would have planned to take the GRE and would have started preparing for it.

  • Do you want to use this lockdown period effectively by studying for the GRE before you get packed with your college tasks?
  • Now that the GRE centers are opened, have you registered for the test and looking for complete preparation in a stipulated time?

Your wait is over! Manya – The Princeton Review GRE Express is a fast-track GRE course, a complete course in just 20 days. GRE Express comes with 45 hours of instructor-led intensive coaching where you can learn techniques, tricks, and tips to ace the test.


Benefits of the GRE Express course

  • GRE Express course is something as same as the regular course but more time efficient. So, you get access to the complete course in a shorter time period, within 20 days.
  • Better retention in learning in the express course as the learning process is continuous without many practice breaks.
  • Better value for money – you get the complete course for a lesser price.
  • Better connect with the trainers and peers as you get to meet them almost every day during the course
  • As the retention of learning would be good in the express courses and the focus would be high, it would also yield a better result.


Top Features of Manya’s GRE Express Course

  • Handpicked senior trainers with an established track record in score improvement
  • 45 hours of instructor-led intensive coaching
  • Complete courseware – books, flashcards, a portal for GRE prep to ensure the top-notch prep
  • Structured content schedule for in-class and homework
  • Standard techniques and strategies which are time and accuracy tested
  • Organized and intensive course to achieve the target score in the stipulated time
  • 24×7 online portal accesses for 4 months with 8 section-adaptive tests and drills smart technology

We hope this article will help you to make a point to use your time efficiently and effectively as much as possible.

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