GMAT Preparation Tips for a Working Professional


Don’t quit your job to study for GMAT! Remember that top B schools look at your experience and that gaps in experience need reasonable explanations. If for some reason, you have already quit your job and are looking to study for the GMAT, don’t fret. Just be prepared to show B schools that you spent your time productively, improving your professional profile.

Now, if you are working full time preparing for the GMAT– you are in the right place! How to cope with the twin responsibilities? The answer- be a great manager even while you prepare for the GMAT.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

Every person you manage will be different. Similarly, you are a unique individual, so be aware of what works for you. Can you learn better by yourself or do you study better in a group? Do you learn better in the mornings or evenings? Take a practice test to understand if the verbal section is harder for you or the quant section? Understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Plan thoroughly

A good manager considers many perspectives and plans for things. You can decide your test date and target score based on your application deadlines and the time available to you. Plan your GMAT prep based on your target test date. Now decide on smaller tasks that will help you reach your dream score. Have deadlines for each goal. Don’t be afraid to review your progress and update your plans and schedules.

Choose the right tools

Choose study material that is accurate, accessible and effective. Manya – The Princeton Review has standardized content, supportive trainer and online content that are at par with the best in the world.

Manage people effectively

Tell your friends and family about your goals. Talk with them to stay motivated. Learn to say no to people and events that will eat up your time in the short time you have to prepare for the GMAT.

Use your time efficiently

Make time saving changes to your lifestyle. Decide what you can give up completely, what you can postpone till after your GMAT and what you can ask someone else to do. Having routines may also help save time. Find time for your GMAT prep-you can even do quick reviews during your commute, lunch breaks and before/after work. Get up earlier or stay up later to have time for practice. Don’t be afraid to take time off from work if you need focused time to improve your score.

Take care of yourself

In all the rush to get a great GMAT score – do not forget to take care of yourself. Nothing would be possible without good health. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and spend time with loved ones. Celebrate your successes in achieving your smaller goals.

With proper effort, your dream GMAT score is definitely within your reach. Please browse through Lockdown GMAT Express to kick start your preparation.


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