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Are you one of those who dream of entering a top-notch global business school? Do you want to a stupendous career in business management? If this is the case, then the GMAT examination is the best option for you. This is a globally recognized entrance exam organised by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

The exam duration is 3 hours 7 minutes excluding two 8 minute breaks, which are optional. This article provides a guide for GMAT preparation, which will solve most of your doubts and provide you with useful tips.

GMAT Preparation

Since the GMAT exam performs an assessment of a wide variety of skills, one needs to have a clearly chalked out plan. There is immense power in planning, and proper planning can lead to desired results.

GMAC offers an official GMAT Prep Software and candidates are advised to take a diagnostic test on it. You can try out the practice material available online, and it is important to identify and rectify errors identified in these practice tests.

Some other important tips :

1. You must identify an official source of problems. The official GMAC website is a great source of information.
2. GMAT Preparation Practice tests are crucial in preparing for the main exam. Diligent practice is a must to be able to deliver your best in the actual exam.
3. GMAT gives a great emphasis on time management. In a timed exam, there is a trade-off between content and test length. GMAC makes sure that the test is as fair and appropriate as possible for all test takers. The candidate should have a careful understanding of time allotment and content within the computer adaptive framework.
4. Other exam tips include reviewing the exam format, absorbing and understanding them thoroughly, reviewing rules of grammar and mathematics, recollecting the errors from practice tests and solving them.

GMAT Exam Structure – Computer Adaptive Test

The GMAT exam has four sections:

Analytical Writing Assessment – duration 30 minutes, a single essay.
Integrated Reasoning – duration 30 minutes for 12 questions.
Quantitative Reasoning – duration 62 minutes for 31 questions.
Verbal Reasoning – duration 65 minutes for 36 questions.

The best way to crack any exam is to understand the way the questions are prepared and presented. GMAT has adopted the computer adaptive test pattern, which was introduced in 1997 and GMAT exam uses the computer’s processing power to analyse your responses during the test.

By having the computer calculate a final score estimate after each question, the system estimates which subsequent questions to select.

The computerized system estimates the examinee’s final score after each response. Subsequent questions are selected depending on the difficulty of the previously administered questions and the examinee’s responses.

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Good Books for GMAT Preparation

Books are great preparation materials for GMAT. Various publishers make it a point to keep their books as updated and as close to the current version of the GMAT as possible.

Every year, GMAC releases a new set of the three official GMAT books: The Official Guide for GMAT Review, The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, and The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review.

You can check out sample papers and e-books in PDF Format for better GMAT preparation.

Best Method for GMAT Preparation

Now that you have an idea of the complexity and depth of the exam, it is important to focus on how best to prepare for the exam. Though the GMAT online preparation strategy or regular classes depends largely on one’s personal choices, it is important to compare among the two available strategies, computer or paper-based.

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When a candidate combines the best of both methods, they are set on the path to achieving good scores in the final exam. Online material and tips on mobile applications are greatly helpful in providing pointers for the exam.

Computer-based preparation involves giving regular practice tests over the internet. Such tests provide an exam experience similar to the original exam. Candidates can test their time management skills and aim to complete their desired questions within the time limit.

Most students are in the habit of solving mathematical problems on pen and paper, due to the pattern being used during schooling. Algebraic and analytical questions also can be attempted by you on paper.


The GMAT exam will help shape your career by giving you entry in top-notch business schools. Critical reasoning is an important factor in solving the exam. You should practice the exam on computer-based sample tests, and also attempt to solve analytics questions on paper.

As with any exam, in GMAT too, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Do share this blog with your friends. Manya Group provides a host of resources for GMAT preparation and guidance. You are advised to check out their website for the best guidance.

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  1. Strategies include order of the four sections during the exam (you can choose the order), time of exam (morning/afternoon/evening), how to tackle each question type, ensuring 100% attempt rate, etc.

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