Application Process: Top Courses & the Challenges Faced

MBAMasters in Science (MS) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) are high in demand. The non-traditional fields of study such as Culinary, Fashion, Film, and Hospitality are also starting to see traction. Previously, students would opt for Graduate studies but nowadays, a large number of students now prefer going to abroad for their undergraduate studies and involve themselves in long Application Process.

New International destinations to look out

By far the best international education destination when it comes to quality education and career opportunities is USA. The two emerging destinations offering quality education and career opportunities are Ireland and Germany. Other Asian destinations such as Singapore and UAE are the upcoming education destinations.

Challenges faced by students during the application process:

• Loans against collateral/security of the property of fixed deposit: Most Indian banks offer loans against collateral Application-Process/security of the property of fixed deposits which might be difficult for many students to manage.
• As a student, you need to have a co-borrower (parents, siblings, etc) having a good CIBIL score and strong income profile.
• The rate of interest is 11% to 14% for foreign education loans offered by Indian banks and the financial institutions but is usually not affordable for of the most students.

student-loanThings you should be aware of before applying for an educational loan

Multiple Education Loan options are available in the market and all of them has their own pros and cons. These factors depend on the student’s profile, circumstances and destination country. The students planning to take the education loan should be aware of the small prints of all the loan options, various charges, and fees before applying for the loan. Consulting an Education Finance Counsellor might help the students in making a more informed decision.

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