Top 3 Free Online GRE Resources by ETS

GRE-Preparation1The one thing that stands between you and your dream school is the GRE. If you want to pursue higher studies outside India then you need to have a good GRE score to apply to the international universities. Well, the GRE preparation can cost you substantial amounts as you will need to brush up your test-taking skills which might not suit everyone’s budget. Applying to the online and offline GRE resources can add up to a cost and can make such courses expensive. However, there are certain GRE Online courses available that are completely free, easily available and are perfect to fuel your GRE Preparation.

You don’t need to pay anything to get these tests, they are totally free! Free online practice tests right from the test-makers of GRE, nothing more to add after saying this. These tests are designed by the test-makers themselves so that you can have an idea about the content of the test.

Here are the top 3 Free Online GRE Resources by ETS:

1.  POWERPREP® Test Preview Tool

This amazing tool by ETS contains information that can help you to know the types of questions asked on the test. Practicing this tool helps you get familiar with the test format preparing you to take the actual test. You can find the tool in the “My Test Preparation and Services” section of your ETS Account.

2. POWERPREP™ Online

POWERPREP Online is another free tool to help you ace the actual GRE. The practice test replicates the actual test Prepared-for-GREand includes the test-taker friendly design features you will face on your actual test day. It helps you to deal with all the test anxieties such as moving back and forth between questions, changing answers within a section and working on the on-screen calculator.


A new online tool containing a different set of never-before-published real-time questions asked on the test. It stimulates a computer-delivered test experience giving you a core within a few minutes and measures all three parameters including explanations for correct answers, your score report and much more.

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